[Sponsored Post] Earth & Clay - D.I.Y. Clay Hand Moulding

Hi Huneybees,

Yipee! Thanks to Nuffnang and Earth & Clay, I made a clay hand of my own! You know like those wax ones where you dip your hand in the hot wax, let it cool, then you can have a waxed hand? This one's more permanent (sun won't melt it) and it's not hot at all! Let me show ya the process...

Mummy! I chopped my hands!
No way! I did not chop my hands. What Earth & Clay offers is an unique experience of life casting to make life size of your hands and feet. It was really fun to be able to do this with a group of bloggers, helping each other out in making the mould and see the liquid harden to become life size clay sculptures. Super fun and it will definitely make the kids have fun while learning about patience.

After mixing the powder with water, the mixture is poured into a tray and that's where we have to press our hand in before the mixture turns white and hardens. It's a really cool feeling, like dipping hands into jello and in seconds the mixture will turn white and harden into a jelly form.

 All I needed to do was lightly peel the sides and slide my hand out. Actually, after this step, I was ranting how smooth my hands were. It's like a paraffin treatment session!

So, you get this shape of your hand right? Valerie, the lady boss the helped us pour plaster into the holes, filling it up and well, it was time for it to set and dry. Either have a chat with Valerie, go for a drink, some snacks or shop a little and then, the casted hand is ready.

Cut out the jelly mould and my hand is ready!

This is the side that's showing.
And this is the to be pasted on side.
Lovely Valerie helped me trim my nails and remove some little bumps. Manicure time! :X

 Once the clay is "trimmed", it was time to colour! There was a variety of colours to choose from and I chose the shiny pink, topped with a layer of shiny glitter. After drying up,

We all got a plate to stick our "hands" on and a stand to display.
*This arrangement was only for the bloggers, normally is pasted on frames (shown below)*

We were given foam letters decorate around the hand and of course I chose 'HUNEY' and added a little butterfly of my own...

Our hands.

So much fun that night with the bloggers. You can see everyone had their individual style.
 This casted hand sculpture is a great gift birthdays, weddings, baby showers, family memories, etc. Here are some of the ideas...

This was a customer's order for "family portrait".

Name card holder.
Even pencil/trinklet holder too!

Something to take note before heading down to do your own cast hand/feet:
  1. Try not to have long nails as the nails might turn out looking chipped or you might get some clay under your nails.
  2. Remove all 3D nail art as the mould mixture will get stuck in between, looking very dirty.
  3. Have patience and be as creative as you can with your "poses".
    Earth & Clay is located at:
    3 Temasek Boulevard #03-075, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
    For more information, go to http://www.earthnclay.com.sg