Porsche Design Celebrating 40th Anniversary

Hi Huneybees,

Recently, Issac invited me to join him at the Porsche Design 40th Anniversary Event (at Novus Restaurant) where we got to learn more about Porsche Design eyewear and its heritage. First thing first, Happy Birthday Porsche Design!

"If you analyse the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious." --- Prof. F.A. Porsche

The event was hosted  by the half Malaysian/British FLY entertainment artiste, Henry Golding.
Taking a walk down history lane of Porsche Design.
Porsche Design to Revolutionize Classic Aviator Sunglasses

From Top: P'8478, P'8480, P'8418 and P'8494
The spectacles from Porsche Design are legendary. Yoko Ono caused an international sensation in 1979 with the P'8479 shield sunglasses in the sporty 80s look, when the cult model wore them for the first time at a press conference. The artist was seen later on various record and magazine covers. In the meantime, the frame is a sought after accessory among deign enthusiasts, and is also known as the Yoko Ono spectacles.

P'6540 Heritage Chronograph
Limited 40Y made from pure titanium
P'8478 shades, which allows you to change the lens.
The P"8480 fold-up soectacles with an innovative folding mechanism had similar success in 1980. The pilot spectacles can be folded up in not time at all, making them practical and space-saving. A true classic and one of the world's most successful sunglasses are the P'8478 "Exclusive Spectacles", which were developed in 1978 and whose design has remained unchanged to this day. Porsche Design is now presenting a very special, exclusive model of the cult sunglasses as well as 2 other limited editiongs for its 40th Anniversary.

The Heritage P'8478 Interchangeable Lens Shades.

Addressed by Mr. Gerhard Novak, Head of Strategic Business Unit Eyewear, Vice President of Porsche Design.

3 very suave FLY Entertainment artistes, Benjamin Heng, Bobby Tonelli and Shane Mardjuki endorsing the Porsche Design shades.
 After the little presentation indoors, we were asked to step outside to the red carpet for a little Porsche Design video, but before that, we had Benjamin sharing how easy the foldable shades is and Bobby shared about his interchangeable lens shades.

Members of 53A were present that day too!

Now, for the fashion show!

Lucky Draw Time!

A super big group photo of the artiste everyone from Porsche Design and Sin Kwang Optical.
A pic with Shane Marjudki.

 Asking Bobby about his interchangeable lens shades. It's super easy to change, suitable for a chameleon like me!

Thank you for such a great afternoon everyone!
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