Hugo Boss Celebrates 30 Years in Asia

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Hugo Boss celebrated its 30th year in Asia with a sensational showcase of its latest collection in Beijing.

Over 1500 guests and celebrities flocked to the event, including renowned actor Chow Yun-Fat. Other celebrities spotted are Tilda Swinton, Matthew Goode, Ryan Phillipe, China Chow, Zhang Zilin, Wu Chun, Carina Lau, etc. Photos can be viewed here.
The China Agricultural Exhibition Center, one of the city’s largest and most impressive complexes, was the venue for this major fashion event, which housed the impressive 1,170-ft LED-laden runway --- Stanley Lee from the China Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing.

Hugo Boss has seven collections, including its higher and medium-price tag lines and a home line. The event showed pieces from two collections, BOSS Black and BOSS Selection—the latter is the brand’s premium bespoke line.

Models, fashion bloggers and other big names graced the event, with British actress Tilda Swinton standing out amongst the 1,500 high profile guests. For those who couldn’t make it personally, Hugo Boss made other provisions.

The night before this show, Hugo Boss opened its flagship store at the China World Hotel offering its customers 3-D glasses for the fashion show, which was broadcasted live over the Internet. Put on your 3D glasses before watching the video. It's amazing!

The show’s theme was "Modern Luxury" -- Designers Eyan Allen and Kevin Lobo described the men and women’s collections as "sexy, confident and empowered". The Hugo Boss Fall/Winter 2012/2013 colors are red and black with a lot of cream, and in textures of leather, wool and silk.The show kicked off with the BOSS Black signature style for women, offering a fresh take on classic designs to commemorate its 30th year in China. And the company believes it’s only the beginning.
Claus-Dietrich Lahrs, Chairman & Ceo, said, "We are working with those very important events like tonight... I believe the Chinese growing story will continue... here, also in Hong Kong Macau and Taiwan."

The menswear BOSS Selection showcase continued on the theme of modern luxury for the modern man, offering timeless yet distinct designs. The designers are flaunting a new mode of elegance based on urban design.

The show reached its climax with renowned actor Chow Yun-Fat’s stroll down the catwalk. A pleasant surprise for the audience as the host revealed that Chow is celebrating his birthday on the scene.

Actor Chow Yun-Fat said, "I’m so excited to have done a 3D cat walk today, and I could hardly recognize myself in these clothes today".

China is currently the brand’s third largest market, and Hugo Boss predicts that it could climb to be the largest in 5-10 years.

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Hugo Boss also did a marketing stint to shoot virals on 3D camera, calling it "The Video Diary by MISS HUGO BOSS". Not only did it introduced China to the other parts of the world, we even get to see what goes on behind the brand and even famous fashion blogger Bryanboy gave us a tour of Beijing!