Beers From All Over The World, Sexy Babes, Hunks and Perfomances at Beerfest Asia 2012

Hi Huneybees,

Yipee! Singapore’s premier beer festival Beerfest Asia 2012 returns to offer beer enthusiasts the chance to savour over 350 labels of beers from Asia and the rest of the world.

Beer has always been one of my favourite alcohol, probably coz I started drinking with beer? I had friends who taught me how to drink (to prevent me from getting drunk easily, they took me out for beers and that's how, I'm hardly drunk everytime I drink. Teehee! Love me friends dearly! *You guys know who you are!*)

Jointly organised by Sphere Exhibits, a wholly owned subsidiary and the lifestyle event arm of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and Beerfest Pte Ltd, the beer festivals organising subsidiary of Timbre Group, this four-day lifestyle and trade festival will be held from 7 to 10 June 2012 at the Marina Promenade (the F1 tracks behind the Singapore flyer).

Beerfest Asia 2012 will feature the most musical tributes in the event’s history since its inception in 2009. The line-up includes two top international tribute bands and Singaporean top bands, who between them will pay tribute to more than ten iconic bands and artists. The performances include Chicago Blues, Funk, Ladies of Rock, Soul, British Blues and Rock. Beer revelers can look forward to great sing-along songs and familiar tunes that promise a memorable experience.

The tribute bands scheduled to perform include the world famous, all-female AC/DC tribute band Hell’s Belles from the United States who remains the only AC/DC tribute band endorsed by Angus Young himself and Australia’s All Star SuperGroup covering hits from Oasis, Dire Straits, David Bowie, Elton John and ZZ Top. In addition, there will also be specific tribute shows of the Blues Brothers, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

A little rules and regulations before you proceed.
For the second year running, Comedy Club Asia will showcase A-list international comedy acts from Australia and the United Kingdom. The audience can look forward to stand-up comedy acts by Rob Brown, Matt Price, whose trademark interactive style has built a solid reputation on the UK and European comedy circuits and the well-known Jonathan Atherton, popular for his multi-linguistic comedic talents.

The Sons of Singapore, a local comedy trio consisting Jinx Yeo, Fukkah Fuzz and Rishi Budhrani who are arguably three of Singapore’s freshest young comic stars in the making, will be making their debut at Beerfest Asia 2012. Last year, Comedy Club Asia sold more than 3,000 tickets. Each ticket for Comedy Club Asia this year is priced at S$20 at the door.

Beerfest Asia 2012 revelers can also take part in exciting games and tuck into “beer food” such as German gourmet sausages, nachos, meatballs and other great tasting gastro-bar grub from the outdoor food bazaar stall.

There will be more than 50 new beers on show at Beerfest Asia 2012, hailing from powerhouse brands in Belgium, Germany and the United States, as well as emerging brands from Asian countries like Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

Get yourself some Beerfest Tokens to purchase the drinks.
I was there on Trade Day before it's opened to public and here's a little rundown on the drinks you can find there...

The moment I stepped into the premises, I was greeted by Taiwan Beer. Their warmth is so welcoming and I was soon one my first few cups of beer!

Ooo... Hunks! They were serving the Fruit Beer, Lychee and Grape. Very sweet, a little like dessert wine. I like!
Ziyi was at the booth promoting too.

I find their fruit beers very interesting. Should give it a try guys!

Of course, they were also brands that most of us have heard of and tried before...

Enjoy Singha Beer standing around with friends under the tent or opt for seatings  outside the tent.

Play games with Stella Artois.
New exhibitors to Beerfest Asia include local company Jungle Beer which uses tropical fruits, flowers and spices such as pink guava, soursop and rose to deliver distinctive beer flavours. 

Interesting taste in the beer. It's like fruit juice was spilled into beer...
I was all poured from the tab, not bottled.
They've paired up with Mabuk Monkey for alcohol delivery! Woots ~ To more party!
Someone new is also Summer Zest F&B Management that brought in the Früli Strawberry Beer brewed with pure strawberry juice from Belgium, touted as the world’s favourite strawberry beer.

The beer smelled like the strawberry lotions I used and the beer didn't taste bitter at all!
This huge cow caught my attention and I approached the booth.

On one side, there was Cheeky Rascal from Australia, a fruity cider range that can now be found at Owls Brew ( I've always drank Apple Cider and was glad to find there's so many range to the Cheeky Rascal's Ciders. I tried the Raspberry & Pear as well as the Summerberry. I loved them both! So sweet, no alcohol taste and I bet it's a ladies first choice! I'm definitely gona go get myself a few bottles...

Cheeky little apple at the butt. Cute apron and uniform!

Sharing the booth is Appenzeller Bier, organic, family owned beer that's brewed with Alpine Spring Water.
There was a wide range of beers available and I tried the Quöllfrisch, a naturally cloudy beer brewed from pure Pilsner Malt and 3 different types of hops from Appenzell. It was awarded GOLD medal for the Best International Lager at the Asia Beer Awards 2010. If you are someone who likes beer that have a lighter taste (like me), I highly recommend this. There's a light malty hint and when drank cold, it will definitely remind you of the taste and coolness of Spring Water!

I bet Erdinger is not a stranger to you beer lovers? But did you know they have a beer that is non-alcoholic at all? It's called Alkoholefrei, made with Hefe-Weizen and fine yeast, this is purely a real sports and fitness drink that's isotonic, vitamin-rich and had reduced calories!

Have it after gym to cool down and don't have to worry about getting drunk at a party, having to dangerously drive home! It stills taste like beer, but knowing it's non-alcoholic, I know what I should serve at my next party!

The next one is super interesting! From New Zealand, Let me introduce Williams Warn. It's not so much of selling beers, but rather, own a beer machine right in your house!

This is the mini beer brewery...

Choose to have your own mix or get the premixed ingredients for the brew that you love.

Hang on, what is this guy doing?

Oh! It's San Miguel's Below Zero Beer
With an innovative technology, the beer is kept cold even after you have taken the beer out. It's pretty chilly, it's like drinking ice cream straight from the freezer. Those with sensitive teeth, might have to watch out! :)

More Ciders from The Drinking Partners.

The moment the drinks was poured out, I can already smell the fruit fragrance. It is not very sweet, it's like drinking fruit juice... :)

Myanmar beer anyone? The babe on the right is simply too sweet!!
They're more for the heavy taste lovers.
And last but not least, some New Zealand Brews.

These are the 3 recommended to me. There are all one the lighter taste, there's also others that are stronger, do give them a try...

There were so much more other beers, but I was already too full and a little tipsy, I will definitely be back for more!

Hurry get you tickets today! Don't miss such a great event...

Beerfest Asia 2012 Event Details
Dates: Thursday to Sunday, 7 to 10 June 2012
  • 7June 2012: 4pm – 6pm (Trade only) / 6pm – 1am (Public)
  • 8 & 9 June 2012: 6pm – 2am
  • 10 June 2012: 12pm – 10pm

Venue: Marina Promenade (F1 tracks behind Singapore Flyer)

Beerfest Asia 2012 Ticketing Categories and Ticketing Details
Each ticket includes one complimentary beer to be redeemed on festival grounds.
1-Day OCBC Exclusive Pass: S$15*
· exclusively for OCBC Cardmembers
· while stocks last
1-Day Advance Pass: S$20* (7 & 10 June) / S$28* (8 & 9 June)
· while stocks last or until 6 June 2012
1-Day Standard Pass: S$30* (7 & 10 June) / S$40* (8 & 9 June)
· available on festival days via SISTIC or at the gates
4-Day OCBC Exclusive Pass: S$50*
· exclusively for OCBC Cardmembers
· while stocks last
4-Day Public Pass: S$80*
· while stocks last
VIP Packages: S$110* (7 & 10 June) / S$160* (8 & 9 June)
· free flow of beers (choose from 20 different choices) and soft drinks
· free seating areas within both Rock and Blues Marquees
· one festival T-shirt and souvenir programme for each guest

· express entry
· the ultimate way to enjoy Beerfest Asia
* ticket handling fee applies

All tickets are available from SISTIC
Hotline: (65) 6348 5555
Counter: Authorised SISTIC ticketing agents located island wide, Indonesia, Malaysia and Macau.

For more details, visit