How the great beer is brewed with the NEW Tiger Brewery Tour

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Home-grown company launches a new tour experience of the Tiger Brewery with an emphasis on responsible operations that go into producing iconic brews such as Tiger Beer

04 June 2012, Singapore – Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS) today celebrated a milestone with the unveiling of a New Tiger Brewery Tour, a behind-the-scenes showcase of the efforts that contribute towards the brewing of great beer at the Tiger Brewery. Reflecting the actual undertakings at the brewery, which is an integral component of Singapore’s tapestry and heritage, the new tour offers locals and tourists a must-see experience of how Singapore’s iconic Tiger Beer is brewed.

L-R Bennet Neo, Regional Director - Singapore Cluster & Cambodia Brewery Ltd, Roland Pirmez, CEO - Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd, Pascal De Petrini, CEO - F&N Ltd, Theo De Rond, Regional President – Heineken Asia Pacific, Michael Chin, General Manager, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore
Today’s occasion, which was attended by APBS’ trade partners and guests from the government sector, was graced by guest-of-honour, Roland Pirmez, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific Breweries Limited. The highlight of the celebration was the unveiling of the “Packaging Gallery”, an exhibition hall created in the structure of an 18-metre long Tiger Beer bottle.

L-R Michael Chin, General Manager, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore, Theo De Rond, Regional President – Heineken Asia Pacific, Roland Pirmez, CEO - Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd, Bennet Neo,  Regional Director - Singapore Cluster & Cambodia Brewery Ltd,  Pascal De Petrini, CEO - F&N Ltd
“The New Tiger Brewery Tour will serve a vital role for APBS to put the spotlight on the Tiger Brewery as a destination and to celebrate the great beer that we brew. With Tiger Beer loved worldwide by millions of people and established as an integral part of Singapore’s identity, the new tour presents the ideal opportunity for one and all to discover the story behind it. Visitors will get to have a feel of the quality ingredients used to brew beer, understand the processes employed in brewing as well as taste fresh Tiger Beer at the Tavern” --- Mr Michael Chin, General Manager of APBS. 
In addition to the “Packaging Gallery”, which will provide visitors with a more engaging experience of the packaging process and immerse them in the iconic brew’s heritage, the New Tiger Brewery Tour will shed light on the best brewing practices adopted by APBS as part of its conscious efforts to run a sustainable business.

Beyond maintaining the highest brewing standards and use of the finest ingredients to produce its beers, APBS has continuously invested in new technology to reduce water, electricity and thermal energy consumption at its brewery. This has translated into improved efficiency and productivity for APBS, which has outlined a footprint aligned with Asia Pacific Breweries Limited’s sustainability approach to secure sustainable license to operate and grow.

APBS’ efforts are also in tandem with the government’s mandate in the Sustainable Blueprint Report, published by the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development (IMCSD) in 2009, for businesses in Singapore to take positive action towards responsible operations. 
1)   Water Savings – APBS has achieved a reduction in annual water usage by approximately 84 million litres in comparison to three years ago. This can be attributed to APBS’ investment in and adoption of the latest cleaning technologies, consistent and on-going inspections for water leakages, optimising machinery used as well as the constant improvement and evaluation of washing processes. 
2)   Electrical Savings – APBS has also achieved a reduction of approximately 1.7 million kWh in annual electricity use as compared to the usage level three years ago. The steps taken to achieve this include using the best technology available and upgrading machinery, installing electricity-saving devices such as light sensors and fans as well as the inculcation of a positive culture amongst staff towards electrical consumption.
3)   Thermal Savings – Savings on annual thermal energy consumption has also been attained by APBS, with a reduction of 23.6 million Megajoules within the past three years. This has been achieved especially with the launch of a “Brewhouse Thermal Energy Recovery Project” to recover and re-use thermal energy discharged into the atmosphere during the beer brewing process.
In addition to reducing water, electricity and thermal energy consumption, APBS has also successfully implemented initiatives to reuse and recycle over past years. At present, 87% of bottles that leave the Tiger Brewery for the market are returned, and approximately 85.5% are reused. This has resulted in the reduction of 25,000 tonnes of waste annually.
APBS has also been recycling its spent grain by using it as animal feed. A high and consistent level of recycling of its industrial waste sees APBS produce less than 150 grams of non-recyclable waste for every 100 litres of beer that it produces at the Tiger Brewery.
There are scheduled timings for the tours as well as corporate packages for companies interested in bringing their staff for team-bonding trips to enjoy the New Tiger Brewery Tour. Full details can be referenced at the New Tiger Brewery Tour website –
Lasting approximately 90 minutes, the guided tour will feature these highlights:
1) The Visitors Hall – The New Tiger Brewery Tour starts off with participants learning about how this humble local beer has now grown in stature to achieve international acclaim with fans all over the world. Here, Tour participants will also get to know the other beers in its winning portfolio.
2) Ingredients Display Kiosk – Providing background knowledge on the key ingredients that go into the beer brewing process, Tour participants will have a feel of some of these raw materials.

3) The Brew House – This is where Tour participants will be taken through the five steps involved to brew the perfect beer using malt, hops, yeast and water - milling, mashing and boiling, fermentation, storage and filtration.

4) The Packaging Gallery – A new addition to the Tour, the Packaging Gallery is an exhibition area that resides within an 18-metre long Tiger Beer bottle structure. It provides Tour participants with an up close view of the beer packaging process, adopting the flow of how a Tiger Beer bottle journeys through the actual Packaging Hall.
After watching a short video, Tour participants will get to learn more about items used in the packaging process such as the beer dispensing machine. Information about Tiger Beer’s history and the sustainable practices adopted at the brewery when producing it, such as the recycling of packaging materials, is displayed in the Gallery as well. Tour participants will also be treated to a beer-tapping demonstration and the chance to have a go at pouring beer themselves.

5) The Tiger Den – Tour participants will get the opportunity to pick up some souvenirs and Tiger Beer merchandise to remember their visit by. These items are unique to the Tiger Den and can only be found at the Tiger Beer Brewery.

6) The Tiger Tavern - The Tiger Tavern, decorated in rich wood and leather, exudes an old world charm. This is where Tour participants will get to enjoy a glass of the freshest Tiger Beer available anywhere in the world. Sampling of the range of brews available at the brewery is also possible.

The New Tiger Brewery Tour, located at 459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim (Singapore 639934), will be fully operational from 05 June onwards. It is open on weekdays, excluding public holidays, from 10am to 6.30pm and is priced at S$16 nett per person.