Going on Vacation ~

Hi Huneybees,

By now, I would have already landed in Kuala Lumpur and beginning my shopping spree and food gorging. It's been awhile since I last took a break and I really really needed it, to readjust my lifestyle and hopefully timing. And hopefully baby making in the process? (*Hehehe, that's how Edward and Bella had baby right?)

I've been sleeping in the morning and everyday I only get 4 hours of sleep, as I have to work and blog. Keep supporting Huney'Z World and Colour Huney k?

I'll be back on 1st July and in the meantime, I've scheduled a couple of posts both on Huney'Z World and Colour Huney. So do check back and follow me on instagram ya? I've already gotten a local mobile line with data plan and I will be posting photos on the go!

Auf Wiedersehen, and be back soon!