VIP Fashion Night - Salon 360° and Lancôme Beauty Institute

Hi Huneybees,

Salon 360° and Lancôme Beauty Institute was conceived by J's Beauty International and were opened in Marina Bay Sands in 2010 to bring a one-stop beauty haven for discerning women and men, taking care of your hair and facial needs.

So, on the VIP Fashion Night, I got to see their "magic powers". I was introduced to the products of Lancôme and Kérastase. First up, a demonstration by Lancôme's side. A models was brought in for a little makeover and there I stood. SOLD! I wanted to give Lancôme a shot too.

A little introduction and then, the demo began.

Model expressing how she felt after using the products. She love that her skin's so soft .

The products used on model.

I also got to try the products on the spot. See the hand on the right? The lines on the knuckles are almost gone and the whole hand GLOWS! Mainly thanks to Génifique and Vissionaire.

 Unique Features of the Lancôme Beauty Institute:
  • The latest technological advances in ingredients, researched for years by Lancôme, are combined with fusion massage techniques in face and body treatments for maximum absorption and effect on the skin; for results which can be seen and felt immediately.
  • The Cocoon, the treatment cabin, which envelopes the customer while bringing him/her on a sensorial journey of rebirth and transformation through light, sound and aroma-therapy.
  • The Lancôme Tea, delicately scented with rose petals, which welcomes each customer into the Institute; the only place on earth where this beauty drink can be enjoyed.

Next up, was the hair demonstration using the product called Elixir Ultime by Kérastase. Exactly like the name, this hair oil enriched with oils from Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi,  works perfectly in smoothing the hair, creating a layer on top of hair and thus protecting when using any heat to style hair.


  • The alchemy of four precious oils to beautify hair A new legend is born, the secret of magnificent hair is revealed.
  • - With a few drops of Elixir Ultime, hair is transformed into silky, weightless matter.
  • - Applied before cleansing, hair is instantly nourished and visibly regenerated.
  • - Applied before styling, hair is incredibly supple and protected

See how silky smooth the model's hair is? Amazing right?
Do pop by Salon 360° and Lancôme Beauty Institute if you wana check out the magic for yourself.

Salon 360°  & 
Lancôme Beauty Institute 
Tel: +65 6688 7666 / 7
Fax: +65 6688 7626
#B2-40, Canal Level,
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue 
Singapore 018972

Do let me know your after you've tried out the packages ya? :)


VIP Fashion Night - Juicy Couture

Hi Huneybees,

When I hear of Juicy Couture, I always think of Paris Hilton. JC is all about sweetness, pink, Barbie-like, cutie-pie and on and on. Everytime I step into their store, I feel like a little girl all over again. And this very night, thanks to MBS, I got the chance to be pampered in the store...

The new season is all ready for winter and feels so Christmas-sy already...

Is this Marie Antoinette lookalike statue a JC must have? I went to KL's Juicy Couture and there she was too!

Let's take a little tour around Palace Juicy Couture... I feel like a princess in here!

Welcome to wonderland!

Juicy Couture is not just about clothes you know? They have accessories like charm braceets and now, watches too!

Ok. I know lots of you are screaming on the other end. Pink chocolate fondue! Dipped with marshmallow and sprinkles? It's like a girl's sweet 16th party!!!!!!

And then, here's the fun part! There was this media board, where models were posing for photos and guess what? I got to stand with them for a picture too! I'm a princess and a model too! :X

Got to have a little keepsake too!
There was a trolley of props and I chose the Lollipop and dog. I can't pose for nuts! These models were super adorable with theirs though... :)

Cute little puppy eh?
Remember I didn't get my chance at the Vedure Nail Bar? I got my nails done in Juicy Couture! Yipee!!!

I already had nail colour on, so the nail artist suggested to add a ribbon-like white cross line and stuck on some bling bling. Alternate pink and purple rhinestones!

Nice nice?

There was this other lady on the other end who had her nails done too. She had more blings than me! I loved her nails as much as mine!

Ok! I'm not showing off, but I am super duper excited when I was handed this bag of pink goodies with this "Choose Juicy Box" and I was thinking, maybe pink chocolates? And see what popped out when I opened it?! A Juicy Couture T-shirt! Yipee! I'm a JC girl too!

The next few photos are pages of the catalogue I received. I love the style and certain pieces. Clever ideas of playing with colour, prints and layering. So, check this out...

Have a pinky good time!