Disney Princess Pageant 2012

Hi Huneybees,

Not too long ago, I was at Vivocity to see the transformation of little adorable girls to their favourite Disney Princess. And then, it was time for the Disney Princess Pageant 2012 (held at Alexandra Retail Centre - ARC) after a series of activities held during the Princess Academy.

From 28 May to 12 June, girls aged 4 to 12 years old had the opportunity to be transformed into a Disney “princess” through a makeover and photo-taking session at VivoCity. Arts & Crafts, Cupcake Decorations and Jewellery-making workshops were also held at ARC for participants to learn the virtues of a modern “princess”.

Selected “princesses” have since been invited to take part in the Disney Princess Pageant which will be made up of three parts. Starting off with an opening segment where each “princess” was introduced, the Pageant also featured a performance segment where the “princesses” sang, danced or showcased their other talents. The Pageant then ended off with an evening wear segment.

Three “princesses” from each of the two age categories (4 to 7 and 8 to 12 years old) got to win the following prizes:

First Prize - $2,000 worth of prizes
Second Prize - $1,600 worth of prizes
Third Prize - $1,300 worth of prizes

Let's introduce the princesses of the Royal Category (4 to 7 years old).

From Left:
3rd Prize: Vanora
2nd Prize: Wong Shi En Shayne
1st Prize: Mikayla Maingard

Then on to the Regal Category (8 to 12 years old).

From Left:
3rd Prize: Rachel Lee
2nd Prize: Done' Maingard
1st Prize: Rachel Lee
Aren't they all just gorgeous?! Every girl looked like they walks out of the "Once Upon A Time" land. How I wish there was one for the adults...