My Grandfather Road - Clever Guerilla Marketing Stunt?

Hi Huneybees,

Today there was this news that caught my attention. Read the article below taken from .

"My Grandfather Road" markings identified as vandal, woman arrestedBy Julia Ng | Posted: 04 June 2012 2150 hrs 
SINGAPORE: Police arrested a 25-year-old woman who is believed to have painted "MY GRANDFATHER ROAD" on several roads in Singapore. 
Between 17 and 21 May, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) found the words "MY GRANDFATHER ROAD" being painted on some roads along Robinson Road and Maxwell Road and reported the matter to the Police. 
LTA also reported that circular stickers printed with captions were pasted on a pavement around Lau Pa Sat and on a road traffic sign along Robinson Road. 
Officers from Central Police Division, with the support from Police Intelligence Department, investigated the matter and arrested the woman suspect at her home in eastern Singapore on Sunday. 
The officers also found several paint-stained stencils and several pieces of stickers printed with captions.
These items were seized for investigation. Police are investigating and are working with LTA on earlier reports of round stickers found affixed on other pedestrian crossings at various places.
A person who is convicted of vandalism shall be punished with a fine of up to S$2,000, or jail up to three years and caning. 
Police said they take a serious view of such irresponsible actions and warned that offenders will be dealt with severely.
- CNA/ck
Being a media student, I thought this was a clever guerilla marketing idea. I'm not pointing who's wrong, who's right, but this is definitely a clever marketing idea! I still remembered last year I participated in this contest by TRIWA to paste their "Adding Colours" stickers all over town (Don't worry, it was temporary stickers and I easily removed after photo taking). Not only did that get attention, it also helped sell their brand!

Another recent adding colour campaign by TRIWA in Poland. Don't the roads look so much better, happier to drive in?
I'm not telling you guys to start doing this, going round vandalizing. Do this legally lah, go ask the government can or not first, or even use products that can be washed off by rain, easily removed, etc? Come on, this stunt has attracted how many people to take notice of it? It's already been crazily spreading on Facebook. I I love Guerilla Marketing!