Hey dolls! :)
Today, i'll be doing an interview with beautifull, stylish fashionista Meri Wild.
We all love her style. She has a unique & original taste of fashion that plays with colors and creates a playfull & gorgeous style. 
Here is her fb pageblog , lookbookbloglovin. Don't forget to follow her :)

Here is our little interview with Fashionista Meri Wild :)
JF: I love your style and wonder who your style icon is?
MW: I dont have one style icon, i love people who inspires me; like Madonna from the 80's, Alexa Chung, Kate moss, Rihanna & many others :) 

JF: Who is the person you admire?
MW: I admire alot of people; models, photographers, designers! I really like Charlotte Free, Barbara Palvin, Karlie Kloss, Sasha Pivovarova, Claudia Schiffer...

JF: Can you describe your style in 3 words? 
MW: Colorful, quirky, a little rock chic.

JF: High heels or flats?
MW: High heels!!

JF: Your favourite brands?
MW: River Island, Zara, Guess, Black Milk, Wildfox, Nasty Gall

    JF: Who are your favourite designers?
    MW: Balmain, Isabel Marant, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander Mcqueen, Dior, Jeffrey Campbell

    JF: What accessory you use most?
    MW: I think my earrings & bangles. I like oversized jewellery.
      JF: What does fashion mean to you?
      MW: For me, fashion is a way to be creative; self-expression, fashion is never ending fun & it's an expression of art. I really LOVE fashion!

      JF: How often do you go shopping?
      MW: I depends on my mood, i really like going shopping but i dont have much for this.

      JF: Your top 3 designer bags.
      MW: Alexander McQueen, D&G, Stella McCartney - although they are brands i can't afford.

      JF: Do you have a favourite piece of clothing that you wear all the time? What is it?
      MW: Denim shorts & shirts + Converse, i can wear all the time :)
      JF: Loubotin or Blahnik?
      MW: Oh, i Love Louboutin!
        JF: This seasons must have?
        MW: Galaxy prints, colorfull leggings, pastels, neon jewellery & neon bags.

        JF: What did you buy lately?
        MW: Studded shorts & new t-shirts :)

        JF: What is your signature perfume?
        MW: I love alot of perfumes, but my top favourites are: Escada Absolutely me & Lolita Lempicka.

        JF: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?
        MW: I love them both! But if i must choose, it'll be Audrey Hepburn ♥ Breakfast At Tiffany's is one of my favourite movies ever!  

        JF: Last of all, do you want to say anything to J'adore Fashion fans?
        MW: The fashion world is beautifull & fascinating; and being a blogger is really fantastic! I love what i do :) 
        Greetings to all readers of J'adore Fashion!!
          Thanks alot Meri! :)


          Hey dolls, sorry i was busy lately & didnt post about Cannes Film Festival; but i did a post of its closing ceremony! 
          The closing ceremony of the 65'th Annual Cannes Film Festival took place today. All of the celebrities were glowing at the red carpet.
          Here are the most well dressed actors & actresses of the event.
          Karolina Kurkova
          She was glowing in her sparkling white gown! 

          Uma Thurman
          She was one of the most prettiest dressed of the event!
          She didnt use any jewellery but her gorgeous electric blue gown was a star itself!
          Jane Fonda looks younger & fit!
          Can you believe she is 73? 
          Rosario Dawson looks like a mermaid in her Roberto Cavalli gown.
          Kirsten Dunst in Chanel Haute Couture
          Ryan Gosling
          Jude Law

          Andie MacDowell In Giorgio Armani and Sarah Margaret Qualley In Elie Saab

          Audrey Tautou wearing a vintage dress.
          Well, she could have done a hair bun or a ponytail.
          Diane Kruger in Dior spring 2012 gown
          She looks absolutely stunning.
          Her ponytail & earrings match her outfit very well & she looks AMAZING!

          PUMA Social Dream Team Facbook App

          Hi Huneybees,

          The Sports Lifestyle brand PUMA recently launched the SS 2012 Social collection with a newly created Facebook app game. This app features two tabs; Analyse Me and Create Dream Team.

          Analyse Me: This tab will allow the game app to analyse the pictures and activities that you were engaged in the past three months and you will receive a short bio analysis data they will automatically churn out. They will be able to pair you up with a product of PUMA’s social line. 

          Create Dream Team: This game app allows you to nominate your friends to be teammates of your created group and at the end of the game, users will be awarded with PUMA discount vouchers. The fun thing about this app is that you will be able to find out what personality of each of your team mate and there will be bio data created that tags along with each of them.

          Just a little thing to spice up your weekend, PUMA is giving you the chance to score complimentary tickets to our favourite hotspots!

          Simply play the PUMA Social Dream Team App: and tell us how awesome your Dream Team is.

          The closing date for all entries is 1st June 2012 and PUMA will announce all the lucky Teammates on their Facebook Page. Hurry gather your team!


          Latest brand to wash up our shores - Hong Kong Lifestyle Label Goods of Desire

          Hi Huneybees,

          Nearly 16 years since the brand’s founding, Hong Kong lifestyle label Goods of Desire is finally ready to take its show on the road and bring a slice of the eclectic city-state to international audiences. With operations set to commence at the end of June, the brand’s first flagship store outside of Hong Kong will be nestled along the iconic Singapore River. Occupying a total retail floor area of more than 6,000 square feet at Central in Clarke Quay, the upcoming project will effectively be Goods of Desire’s fourth-largest store.

          The Goods of Desire Mission
          To define and create a new Asian identity through the delivery of a globally recognized lifestyle and furniture brand.

          The Goods of Desire Ideology
          Fusing the traditional and the modern, Goods of Desire combines past and present Asian culture, pioneering the future of lifestyle retailing with cutting edge designs. We aim to show that the techniques and wisdom of past generations in the East still have a place in the future. Drawing inspiration from the condensed urban jungles and serene rural environments which populate Asia while blending in a uniquely cultural sense of humour has made many of our products modern-day design icons.

          Behind these products is a highly creative and energetic in-house team of designers; never outsourcing products from trade fairs, they ensure that the essence of the Goods of Desire brand is never diluted. We aim to send out a consistent message as a reassurance of the brand’s values in everything we touch. Our designers capitalize on the fact that genuine craftsmanship can still be accessed locally by commissioning some of the world’s best fabrics such as silk, linen, ceramics, and solid wood.

          By giving these craftspeople modern designs while still honouring the tradition of their skills, Goods of Desire creates products that possess a very real, very human quality to them. We have proven ourselves to be a sustainable brand through 16 years of continuous, accelerated business growth. With 8 stores located in some of the most in-demand retail spaces in Hong Kong, we are poised to position ourselves for global expansion, creating a truly successful Asian retail export.

          Quintessentially Hong Kong, the brand’s name is originally derived from the Cantonese phrase “住好啲”, which means “to live better”. In Singapore, the brand is officially represented as “Goods of Desire” to reflect its pioneering of the future lifestyle retail scene with cutting-edge designs that embody the ideal of living better, bringing in a broad range of Goods of Desire’s signature Fashion, Gift Ideas, Homeware, and Furniturecollections.

          Co-founded by architects Douglas Young and Benjamin Lau in 1996 as a retail space in Ap Lei Chau (鴨脷洲), Goods of Desire presently has eight stores located throughout Hong Kong. Fiercely proud of its Hong Kong roots, Goods of Desire draws inspiration for its award-winning designs from the city’s vibrant heritage, preserving its unique cultural legacy through a lens of humor and creativity.
          On Goods of Desire’s renown for controversial and tongue-in-cheek designs, and setting up shop in rule-laden Singapore, “Beyond the controversy and comedy of our designs, Goods of Desire is first and foremost about celebrating authentic Asian culture.” --- Douglas Young
          Douglas Young
          Born in Hong Kong (1965), Douglas Young trained as an architect in the United Kingdom at Sheffield University and the Architectural Association. Since 1991, Young has worked in Hong Kong on a variety of projects ranging from residential to retail interiors and won several prestigious awards.
          Citing the deep similarities between Hong Kong and Singapore as the most compelling factor behind selecting the latter as the location for Goods of Desire’s first overseas store,  “Evolving from a colonial past to its present cosmopolitan climate, modern and undeniably Asian all at once, Singapore is truly an ethnic melting pot steeped in both tradition and innovation. It is a shame that we took so long to do this, given how many fans we know we have here. Nevertheless, it has always been my dream to show the rest of the world the Hong Kong I know, and I cannot think of a more perfect place to start with than Singapore.” --- Douglas Young

          For updates on Goods of Desire’s activities in Singapore, please visit the brand’s local Facebook and Twitter pages.


          Textos lindos e doces…


          E o mais bonito foi quando ela descobriu, que podia
          ouvir e entender estrelas.
          Só quem ama pode."

          (Caio Fernando Abreu)


          "Não é sempre
          Que a ausência deixa saudades.
          Às vezes ...
          Ela deixa pedaços de vento,
          Que atravessam os nossos silêncios. ”

          (Bruno de Paula )


          "Com as leves
          asas do amor transpus estes muros, porque os
          limites de pedra não
          servem de empecilho para o amor. E o que o amor
          pode fazer, o amor
          ousa tentar."

          -W. Shakespeare-


          Meu Deus, não sou muito forte,
          não tenho muito além de uma certa fé...
          não sei se em mim, se numa coisa que chamaria de justiça-cósmica,
          ou a coerência final de todas as coisas.
          Preciso agora da tua mão sobre a minha cabeça.
          Que eu não perca a capacidade de amar, de ver, de sentir.
          Que eu continue alerta.
          Que, se necessário, eu possa ter novamente o impulso do vôo no momento exato.
          Que eu não me perca, que eu não me fira, que não me firam, que eu não fira ninguém. Livra-me dos poços e dos becos de mim, Senhor.
          Que meus olhos saibam continuar se alargando sempre."

          (Caio Fernando Abreu)


          Curta o Olhar Feminino no Facebook

          Não sou pra todos e Avesso

          Não sou pra todos.
          Gosto muito do meu mundinho.
          Ele é cheio de surpresas, palavras soltas e cores misturadas.
          Às vezes tem um céu azul, outras tempestade.
          Lá dentro cabem sonhos de todos os tamanhos,
          mas não cabe muita gente.
          Todas as pessoas que estão dentro dele não estão por acaso.
          São necessárias.

          (Caio Fernando Abreu)



          pode parecer promessa
          mas eu sinto que você é a pessoa
          mais parecida comigo
          que eu conheço
          só que do lado do avesso
          pode ser que seja engano
          bobagem ou ilusão
          de ter você na minha
          mas acho que com você eu me esqueço
          e em seguida eu aconteço
          por isso deixo aqui meu endereço
          se você me procurar
          eu apareço
          se você me encontrar
          te reconheço.
          (Alice Ruiz)

          Curta o Olhar Feminino no Facebook

          Se Perguntarem por mim


          Se Perguntarem por mim
          Diga que estou em retiro
          Pra dentro de mim
          E não sei o q encontrarei aqui
          Sei apenas q tenho um coração machucado
          Então,se perguntarem por mim
          Diga q fui a praia
          Mergulhei nas águas dos meus sentimentos
          E estou aprendendo a nadar
          Mas ñ comente por favor
          Detesto dar explicações
          Ou diga q estou num safári
          E estou mesmo!
          Estou caçando a pessoa q fui
          E descobrindo como sou
          Entre os escombros da minha vida
          Se perguntarem por mim
          Diga que fui pescar
          Estou pescando mesmo!
          Relaxadamente à beira do lago da mente
          Separando os cardumes
          Observando, catalogando
          E me preparando pra voltar ao dia a dia
          Isso se perguntarem por mim!
          Porque nesse momento
          Quero que até o meu nome descanse.

          V. Rossini

          Curta o Olhar Feminino no Facebook

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          UNIQLO Opens Largest Store to Date in Singapore at Bugis+

          Hi Huneybees,

          UNIQLO, Japan’s No. 1 Casual Wear Brand, continues to expand its presence in Singapore with the upcoming opening of its’ largest store to date. The UNIQLO store in Bugis+, formerly known as Iluma, will open its doors to the public on June 8, 2012.

          Located in connecting units at Level 1 and 2, this latest UNIQLO outlet is a double-storey that spans an area of approximately 20,000 square feet with an in-store escalator that joins the two levels. Following the recent success of the Parkway Parade opening where 450 customers queued up early on before the store opened, UNIQLO Bugis+ will be the brand’s 7th store and its first street-level shop in Singapore.

          Currently undergoing asset enhancement work, tenants at Level 1 and 2 consisting of various brands, including UNIQLO, are expected to begin trading in June this year. Iluma is right across Bugis Junction, another go-to shopping locale in the area, and is connected via a link bridge.

          UT collections such as UT Grand Prix Coca Cola, Metal Gear 25th Anniversary tees, Mobile Suit Gundam graphic tee, Barbie and special UT 10th Anniversary tees will be launched in conjunction with UNIQLO opening in Bugis+. With a larger floor space and an exciting selection of the brand’s casual wear staples, UNIQLO Bugis+ is certainly set to be a go-to destination for the area’s shopping crowd.


          UNIQLOOKS UT Style Contest

          Hi Huneybees,

          UNIQLO has launched its UT Style Contest on UNIQLOOKS, the brand’s Facebook-integrated and international fashion community portal. The contest marks the 10th anniversary of UNIQLO’s UT line of products and is open to people of any age, gender or nationality. Post photos of your favorite UT style combinations to compete for the $10,000 (USD) grand prize. So slip into your favorite UT T-shirt and step out onto the world stage to win through UNIQLOOKS at 

          UNIQLOOKS UT Style Contest Overview
          Date:  April 24 to June 9, 2012 (Japan time)
          Entry Details: Simply upload a photo of yourself sporting a UT T-shirt on UNIQLOOKS at

          Contest Requirements

          Open to everyone, regardless of age, nationality or gender. UT T-shirts must 
          be clearly visible in photo submissions, but participants do not necessarily need to purchase one of the latest UT designs to be eligible to win. Multiple entries permitted.

          Cash Prizes
          • $10,000 USD (grand prize), $5,000 USD (first runner-up), $3,000 USD (second runner-up)
          • The winning looks will be announced on the UNIQLOOKS contest page on June 25, 2012 (Japan time).


          Vivocity Great Singapore Sale Events

          Hi Huneybees,

          The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is back and VivoCity is all set to present a delightful mix of activities and best buys for shoppers! From 25 May to 22 July 2012, Singapore’s largest retail and lifestyle destination will host kids, fashion, music and arts related events such as the Disney Princess Academy and Pageant, Creatively Thai 2012, Jazz on the Roof 2012 and the Singapore Street Festival 2012. What’s more, shoppers will also find great privileges and be rewarded with a chance to win diamond jewellery and air tickets!
          Get set for great things this sale season. Just spend $30 and stand a chance to win attractive prizes from SK Jewellery and Tiger Airways in our lucky draw. Charge to your OCBC Credit/Debit Card and enjoy double chances of winning.
          Terms & Conditions apply.

          “Singaporeans’ favourite shopping season is just around the corner and we are eager to have our shoppers here at VivoCity over the next two months to enjoy our special GSS line-up of events. There will be activities for shoppers of all ages covering various interests which reflects our aim of creating stimulating and memorable shopping experiences for all our visitors” --- Mr Chang Yeng Cheong, General Manager of VivoCity.

          Disney Princess Academy and Pageant (28 May to 16 June)
          To coincide with the mid-year school holidays, VivoCity and Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC) will host the Disney Princess Academy and Pageant. The Disney Princess Academy will take place at VivoCity from 28 May to 3 June, with girls aged 4 to 12 years old having the chance to undergo a Disney Princess makeover and be transformed into the graceful Snow White or the glamorous Cinderella.
          The makeover will be followed by a photo-shoot where participants are given a picture of their makeover for keepsake. The girls can also learn the virtue of a modern princess at the Arts & Crafts, Jewellery-making and Cupcake Decoration workshops at ARC between 4 June and 12 June.
          To participate, shoppers will simply have to spend a minimum of $30 at VivoCity or $20 at ARC in a single receipt between 25 May and 3 June and pay a $30 registration fee at the Disney Princess Academy Registration Counter at VivoCity’s Central Court on Level 1 from 28 May to  3 June. 
          In addition, 40 “princesses” from the Disney Princess Academy at VivoCity will also be shortlisted to take part in the Disney Princess Pageant held at ARC on 16 June. The top three “Princesses” from each of the two age categories (4 to 7 and 8 to 12 years old) will win great prizes!
          Places are on a first-come, first-served basis. Cash payment upon registration and no refund for cancellation.
          Disney Princess Academy
          • Photoshoot (Date & Time : 28 May – 3 June, 11am to 8pm Venue : VivoCity, Central Court A, Level 1)

          • Workshops - Arts & Crafts, Jewellery-making and Cupcake Decorations (Date & Time : 4 – 12 June, 11am – 6pm Venue : Alexandra Retail Centre, Atrium, Level 1)
          • Disney Princess Pageant (Date & Time :16 June, 1pm Venue : Alexandra Retail Centre, Atrium, Level 1)

          Creatively Thai 2012 (13 to 17 June)
          Returning for the sixth year in partnership with the Thai Trade Centre, Singapore, the Creatively Thai showcase will feature the latest fashion designs by leading Thai designers. There will also be daily fashion shows at 4.30pm and 7.30pm. The reigning Miss Tourism Queen International 2011, Kantapat Peeradachainarin from Thailand, will be making special appearances during the fashion shows from 13 to 15 June.
          Fashion Shows
          13 June, 4.30pm
          14 – 17 June, 4.30pm and 7.30pm
          Venue : Central Court, Level 1

          Music and Arts Performances For One and All
          Shoppers will also be treated to a host of entertaining performances at the outdoor Amphitheatre on Level 3.  A spectacular jazz concert awaits families and music-lovers as British saxophonist Greg Lyons returns to VivoCity to perform beautiful compositions as part of the Singapore Press Holdings Gift of Music Concert on 23 June at 7pm.
          • Jazz on the Roof 2012Shoppers can bring their family down to the Amphitheatre for an evening of spectacular entertainment as Omniform created by British saxophonist, Greg Lyons presents a 10-piece jazz performance. They will be mesmerised by the melodic and highly rhythmic compositions at this Singapore Press Holdings Gift of Music Concert.

            Date : 23 June
            Time : 7pm
            Venue : Amphitheatre, Level 3

          This year’s Singapore Street Festival (SSF), a social and community project that provides a platform for local youths to showcase their creative talents will be held at VivoCity’s Amphitheatre. On 21 and 22 July, shoppers can catch fast and furious breakdance action in the Battle of the Year Break Dance Competition while the WOW! SSF Band competition will take place on 28 July. There will also be a headline performance by Japanese band Sforzato at the SSF D’J Party on 29 July as D’J Party celebrates its tenth Anniversary. 
          • Singapore Street Festival 2012Singapore Street Festival (SSF) is a social and community project that provides a platform for youths to showcase their creative talents. Catch the explosive band performances and support the youths as they engage in exciting breakdance battles in the International and South-east Asia Breakdance Competition. There will be a special performance by Japanese Band, Sforzato at the D’J Party to mark its 10th Anniversary.
            Venue : Amphitheatre, Level 3
            Battle of the Year Break Dance Competition (21 July, 4pm and 22 Jul, 3pm)WOW! SSF Band Competition – Finals (28 July, 2.30pm)D’J Party (29 July, 12pm)

          Shopper Rewards at VivoCity!
          Shoppers with a minimum spending of $30 from 25 May to 22 July will stand a chance to win the grand prize of a SK Jewellery 1.15 Carat Diamond Necklace worth $12,000 and Tiger Airways return tickets for four in the VivoCity GSS Lucky Draw. There will also be eight consolation prizes, each comprising a SK Jewellery Diamond Necklace worth $569 and Tiger Airways return tickets for two.
          In addition, shoppers will be rewarded for shopping at VivoCity. They can redeem a shopping/dining voucher or a gift with a minimum spending of $150. OCBC Credit/Debit Cardmembers only need to charge $100 to qualify. They can also enjoy exclusive shopping and dining privileges at participating outlets when they charge to their OCBC Credit/Debit Cards. 
          Tourists will also benefit during the Great Singapore Sale at VivoCity. From 1 June to 31 July, the first 100 tourists per month with a minimum spend of $200 at any store at VivoCity can redeem a pair of earrings from Toscow worth $59.
           Approach the Information Counter to learn more about the offers.


          Interview with Pixie Lott

          Hi Huneybees,

          Yesterday, I blogged about Pixie Lott's packed schedule in Singapore last week and I'm very happy I got the chance to do a short interview with Pixie Lott through email, all thanks to Universal Music and the pretty Pixie Lott for taking time and making this happen...

          1.    Why name your album Young Foolish Happy?  
          I named this album after a song from when I was growing up by the Tams, "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy" - a good message to everyone.

          2.    Which is your favourite song in the album?  
          "We Just Go On"

          3.    How did the collaboration with G.Dragon and T.O.P. come about? What was the most challenging obstacle that you have to overcome while working with them?  
          I love K Pop and really wanted to collaborate with K Pop artists.  I liked Big Bang's music and so it was arranged for this to happen, there was no obstacles.

          4.    Which artiste would you wish to work with? And why?  
          I have collaborated with Stevie Wonder on "Young, Foolish, Happy" where he plays the harmonica on the middle 8 but would love to collaborate with him where he sings. :)

          5.    You call your fans Crazy Cats and you wear cat ears, why the feline obsession?  
          When I was young my mum called my sister, brother and I crazy cats as we was always running around everywhere.  Crazy cats just stuck and then all my friends started to use it!.

          6.    You have an amazing figure! What's your secret - any exercise/diet regime to share - to maintain that body?  
          I do try to eat healthy and drink water.

          7.    Thank you Pixie Lott for you time, what’s your shout-out to you Crazy Cats out there?  
          Hi to all my Singapore Crazy Cats, thank you for all your support and welcoming me into your beautiful country, Love Pixie XOXO