DJ Matt Joko @ New Asia Bar

Hi Huneybees,

This will be a short and sweet blog entry, mostly just photos. Words can't describe where I was at. Beautiful scenery, amazing music and good companionship. Thanks Nuffnang!

If you would like to know more about DJ Matt Joko -->

All ready to set off for the event.
Loving my new hair colour.
While waiting to collect the invitation card, I dropped by the art gallery to check out some Salvador Dali pieces.

Yipee! I got the invites! The DJ reminds me or Bono from U2.
See! See! Free drink!
So I queued to enter.
Ding! Level 70. My ears were popping big time.
Walking down the corridor to New Asia Bar.
Then, I headed up to Helipad for some night scenery.

Check out the crowd.

My fellow bloggers arrived.
He's Hong Peng, the president for the G+ group.
And she's Valentine.

We cut the boy some slack and helped him get a pick with the babes.
We proceeded back down to New Asia Bar to cacth the featured DJ at work.

I must say the DJ's pretty cute.

Bar spotted!
Yes! It was flooded with people. People mountain, people sea.
Taking a shot for Hong Peng.
Camwhore session starts now.

The scenery from level 70 is just as wonderful.

Yes. We just sat our butts at the RESERVED seats.

It got a little late and we were ready to leave. I suggested for a little drink / supper and we ended up here -->

Our most sinful Molten Chocolate Cake.
I realized there's gold bits in the chocolate only after taking the pic with flash.

HP tried a hand at my camera.
 I had the honours to cut the cake.

Chocolate flowed out like lava.... :P

Then, it was really time to part our ways, and while waiting for my ride to arrive, I toyed with my camera. Hubby! I think I found someone new. :X

Spotted: Beatboxer Dharni making discovery music with his vocal and mouth on the way to Boat Quay.

Gossip Girl.

Once again. Thank you Nuffnang for the wonderful night!

Christina aka Huney