JCube IMAX Experience

Hi Huneybees,

Woohoo! Not only JCube is a shopping paradise, they are also famous for its facilities. Other than the huge Skating Ice Rink, the JCube IMAX Theatre is another experience you must go for!

The cinema's just above the Skating Ice Rink.
I watched The Amazing Spiderman that day and I'm loving it! I watched the 2 movie twice and both times are at the Shaw IMAX Theatres. What makes the IMAX theatres different from the other 3D cinemas is the concave shaped screen that they call it the IMAX Theatre geometry. It is to maximize the depth of field and make you feel like you are totally in the movie.

Review of The Amazing Spiderman can be found here.

Shaw Theatres JCube opened on 5 April 2012 with 7 screens, including an IMAX theatre, bringing Hollywood blockbusters and quality entertainment right to the doorsteps of residents in the west of Singapore. 

One thing I fear when watching a 3D movie is the distance between the screen and the seats. I remember once, I watched at another theatre and the distance between the first row of seats and the screen was super tight. I vomited bad after the movie.

But, for the IMAX Theatre, there is already like a huge distance from the screen. So even when I'm sitting on the 4th row, I'm watching the movie with comfort. Their 3D glasses are also amazing. I have to wear my glasses below the 3D glasses and most of the time I have to hold and support the 3D glasses but for the IMAX ones, my hands are free to eat popcorn! Yipee!!

IMAX Theatres are my first choice for movies enjoyment, go give it a try if you havn't. :)

Group photo!!!

Hehehe... I had my red contacts on and I can't stop wanting to take a photo with Vampire Bella Swan.
Twilight start soon please???