The Heroine of My Life - Teaser to Disney • Pixar’s BRAVE

Hi Huneybees,

I am so excited for the upcoming movie by Disney • Pixar -  BRAVE! It's such a first in animation to talk about the Scottish and their traditions and cultures. The female lead character, Merida (voice of Kelly Macdonald), with her long curly orange hair, reminds a ton of the heroine in my life. 

This was taken 2 years back. I hardly see her....
She's non-other than my elder sister! We had our differences, but we had tons of fun times too! My sister is my very own heroine and I look up to her. Since young, she's been independent and when she went overseas to further her studies, I totally admired her bravery. Without anyone, she spread her wings in Australia doing her Bachelor and Masters degrees. Over a span of 5 years, with my parents visiting her just twice, she passed with flying colours and I could never imagine myself overseas with no family!

Her curly hair is super similar to Merida and that's why she's always spotting short hair styles to tame to the curls. Everyone says we look alike but in character wise, she's much stronger than me. That's why everytime I had problems I always consult her and look to her for solutions. From the trouble I had from my job, even till my wedding day, she's been there helping me and making y life easy, so that I can be the "pampered princess" at home. Hehehee....

Now, she owns her own production company in Beijing, China, living there all alone and there again her bravery for being in a foreign country and making a living out there. She's very successful there and I'm really happy for her. Jia you Sis!

Let's watch the trailer to BRAVE and hang on for its launch on the 8th August 2012!

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