Dear J'adore Fashion lovers, fans & followers. So sorry to tell you this but my facebook fan page - J'adore Fashion - which had more than 300.000 fans has been hacked! 

My 3 years work is gone! These people are jealous, obsessed, complexed & desperate. They are stalkers!
They dont have a life! They dont have manners! They are criminals!

Yes, today i'm giving my computer to Criminal Police Department to be analiyzed. And they'll find the criminal - the person behind all these - and after, i'll sue this person!!!!

Hacking other person's accounts, pages or sabotaging their privacy is a CRIME!
There is a law; and you go to jail or pay large amounts of money! No matter where you live, which country you are from; this is a crime.

And the criminal police department will find who did this to me!

And after, i'll sue them with my family lawyer; they will not get rid of this!

Thank you for reading this.