Sentosa BBQ by the Beach

Hi Huneybees,

Fans of BBQ will be excited to learn that there's a chance to savour a delicious array of seafood and meat dishes prepared using different forms of barbeque, including the Regular Grill, Vertical Grill and the highlight - Imu - the traditional Hawaiian underground oven.

I was there for the media preview with friends and hubby, sitting by the jetty, with breeze blowing against your skin, listening to waves in the sea, enjoying yummy-licious food, how can you miss such a chance right?

Sentosa BBQ by the Beach is part of Singapore Food Festival 2012, and offers foodies a chance to enjoy a scrumptious array of seafood, including clams, mussels, prawns, squid, fish and crab that are grilled to 
luscious perfection and accompanied by 8 unique homemade barbeque sauces while enjoying the experience of dining on the beach and pier.

So romantic right? While dining, you can request to listen to songs played by the duo...

Makan Time!!! Let's start the grill!

Crusted Lemon Sole.
Salt Wrapped Parcel of Monkfish, Black Mussels and Sweet Shrimps.
This is one of my favourite, the seafood is so fressh and the slight tangy sauce, is so appetizing.

Imu style seafood and a dish of the butter/cheese to melt with the sauce. *melt*
The Baby Snapper, tasted like the Stingrays you would find at most BBQ stalls out there. What's special is the meat tasted different, it's sweeter and melts in your mouth!

So, where are we going to find an “imu” here in Singapore? Well, build one of course! At Sentosa BBQ by the Beach, guests will get to enjoy seafood that is sizzled to perfection over hot coals in the traditional Hawaiian underground oven, right here on the lovely Siloso Beach of our very own island playground Sentosa!

Too much meat? Not to fret, there's a salad bar here too...

Oh yeah! Beef Steak! We had 2 orders of this dish. The meat is simply so soft and it  melts in your mouth, hardly any chewing involved!

I can't stop chewing on the squids. We kept ordering this... 


Bonito Infused Cod Fish with Garlic Rice. I say this is a must try! 
Grilled Seafood Platter. 
Crispy Baby Squid.
OMG! Get this with beer and you won't stop!

I was looking at this BBQ pit and saying it's so creative to make it look like a boat and then I was told it's actually a boat! WOW! 

Looking back at these photos, make me wana go Sentosa now!

Ok! Nom Nom time! DND k?

Psst, at 8pm and 9pm, you can enjoy fireworks display from Songs of the Sea. Spectacular right? it's like they displayed the fireworks just for us...

As the sky gets darker, the lights along the beach make it all so romantic and peaceful. Wind blowing, chill out with your friends and loved ones while enjoying glasses of beer is such a stress reliever!

We stayed till closing. See the ambience, so nice right?
After a full dinner, take a stroll along the sandy beach....
 Salivating already? Hang in there! Sentosa BBQ by the Beach will be coming your way real soon, check out the details below!


Date     : 13 to 22 July 2012
Time    : 6pm till midnight (last order at 10.30pm)
Venue : Siloso Beach (between Coastes and Azzura Beach Club)
Price    : $29.90++ (usual island admission charges apply. Price includes $30 worth of vouchers, redeemable for food and beverage items)

Getting There:

- Sentosa Express – Board at VivoCity, 3rd Floor, drop off at Beach Station
- Drive-in – Park at Beach Car Park
- Taxi – Alight at Beach Station

For tickets purchase, call 6279 1767 or email today!