What to eat around Clementi?

Hi Huneybees,

Last night I met up with J and P for dinner. P brought us to an interesting "zi char" Cafe - Ban Tong Seafood Restaurant, located just a stone's throw away from Clementi MRT station. P said their Cereal Crayfish is a must try and added a few other dishes...

Cereal Prawn.
Furong Egg Omelet
With abundant ingredients.
Lotus Roots Soup for just $4 and it's just enough for the 3 of us to share.
Sweet and Sour Pork.
Claypot Tofu.
The dishes taste delicious, and yes, especially the Cereal Crayfish. It's not something we've not taste before, but this time it's Crayfish, making the dish even more worthwhile with more meat. Let you in on something, we cleaned the plate off even the Cereal bits!

It's a must try at this stall. It's been on TV and even Yan Can Cook visited them before! Wow!!!

After dinner, we shopped a little around Clementi Mall before deciding to head over to Clementi Cityvibe for some dessert to kill the heat. Flyers were given out around the area and we decided to try out the BlackBall 黑丸 dessert stall that's from Taiwan!

 We ordered the BlackBall Signature bowl with additional milk.

I love the chewy Sweet Potato and Yam balls. They taste delectable and I can't stop chewing. Actually when we finished the bowl, I was looking at the menu again wondering if they sold the toppings by themselves?

Something we didn't like was the service. They were a inflexible when it comes to the lack of certain ingredients, the dessert is not cheaper or additional quantity of other ingredients to replaced. We felt kinda cheated there. And also, who issues a loyalty card that's gona expire in a few weeks time?!

It was fun catching up with friends nd checking out other parts of Singapore. I think I might do it again soon. Anyone with special introduction of their neighbourhoodd let me know? I would love to explore...  =)