A Visit to ArtScience Musuem to meet Andy Warhol and Harry Potter

Hi Huneybees,

I finally got to ArtScience Museum and Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal and the Harry Potter : The Exhibition! Hubby's been super busy flying around and we finally got the time to catch the 2 latest exhibition at ArtScience Museum.

The company my hubby is working for, had their family day that weekend and of course I tagged along for a special priced package to see the exhibitions and to spend some quality time with hubby...

I woke up super early that day and I was excitedly tweeting all about it.

When we arrived at Marina Bay Sands, we approached the huge lotus structure and kids were already enjoying themselves with the activities...

Stepping into the Museum, we were greeted by the huge Harry Potter poster!

A shot of us, waiting to get in...
Meet mascot Harry Potter and Hermoine!
Mascot Professor Dumbledore.

First stop: Andy Warhol. The exhibition was a fruitful one. I think it's worth the wait to go see the works of my idol, to learn about his creative process and somehow get into his head. He was an icon himself and I learnt a fair bit from the exhibition. Inspiring and perhaps aspiring Andy Warhol-s should go take a look!

Getting to see the infamous pop art piece of Marilyn Monroe was already something to die for. His art pieces confidence and a sense of style that was un-compatible during his time. "Be Strong, Be Bold, Be Who You Are!"

We took photos for keepsake. Guess which one we chose to buy home?
Setting for photo shoot, wigs and paper glasses are for loan.

We went upstairs to understand a little more about the museum and saw a ton of kid doing their handicrafts works...

"Apparate!" and I'm downstairs.
Finally, going into the Harry Potter Exhibition!

OMG! It's the Flying Ford Anglia! It's was seen in  the summer of 1992 by Fred,George, and Ron Weasley to rescue Harry Potter, who was locked up in his room at the Dursleys' and had been unable to receive any mail from the Wizarding community as a result of Dobby's attempts to protect him.   

Vroom Vroom! Going into the exhibition le!

This is the last point you can use your camera. After that, photography and videography is strictly not allowed.

It was exciting in the beginning when we got sorted into our houses, everyone hoped for their own favourite house. Everything beyond that was exhibitions of the costumes and props used during the filming of all 8 Harry Potter movies. It was like watching the kids grow up through the 8 movies and looking at the pieces of art (alot of details were put into the designing of the costumes and props), it brings back memories.

My most favourite was to see the Golden Snitch, but overall, it's a disappointment. So little interactions and the whole exhibition was so short! Photography and videography already not allowed, the merchandises were even priced sky high! I bought only a box of the mixed flavoured Jelly Beans for SGD$6 (Can't bear to eat...) I totally felt like they were just out for the money...

It would have be nicer if there were more interactivity, like at least animate the Giant Acromantula Spider or have a video to let us feel how it is to be in a wizard's battle. I still thought my memorizing of the spells will be put to good use. :(  

The exhibition is so "dry", even a Harry Potter fan-girl was telling her mum she was sad, there was no Harry Potter, she felt no magic....

Afterwhich, we went back the ground level for the lucky draw as well as more photos around the Museum, before we head home.

Admission Prices:

Cat 1 
Harry Potter: The Exhibition(Opens 2 June 2012)
Adult - S$21.00
Senior Citizen (65 yrs & above) - S$20.00
Child (2-12 years) - S$13.00

Harry Potter: The Exhibition Package (Ticket + Audio Guide rental)
Adult - S$27.00
Senior Citizen (65 yrs & above) – S$24.00
Child (2-12 years) – S$19.00 

Cat 2 
Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal 
Adult - S$14.00
Senior Citizen (65 yrs & above) - S$13.00
Child (2-12 years) - S$8.00  

Marina Bay Sand, ArtScience Museum.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition will run from 2 June - 30 September 2012 
Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal will run from 17 March - 12 August 2012,
10am to 10pm daily.