Visiting Casio G-Factory @ JCube

Hi Huneybees,

My FIRST watch was a BABY-G.
Writing this blog post brought back alot of memories. The first watch my parents bought for me for passing exams with flying colours was a Baby-G. It's now ranked as "antique" in my watch casing, but Casio has created a huge hype with their watches for years....

Casio's corporate creed is "creativity and contribution." It expresses the company's commitment to contributing to society by offering the kind of original, useful products that only Casio can.

Some interesting facts on Casio..
In 1974, Casio introduced the world's first digital watch - Casiotron, that features a fully automatic calendar, including month lengths and leap years. The first G-Shock model (DW-5000C) was born in 1983 and this tough watch has raised challenges insatiably based on its shock-resistant structure. I believe the G-Shock generation has revolutionized the watch industry and now who don't know G-Shock right?

G-Shock represents Absolute Toughness...
G-Shock has always been the tough looking kind of watch. Not surprising, throughout the years, G-Shock has raised challenges insatiably based on its inherited shock-resistant structure. Nevertheless, in the recent years, bigger design (Extra Large Series) and more colours (Shocking Colour Series) have been added to the collection to makes the wearer feel younger while looking tougher at the same time. I'm a fan of G-Shock, as it reflects my character. Hehehehe....

This is the watch that I've set my eyes on.
It's cool and the gold parts shows fashion and toughness go well together.

Baby-G makes you look Cute, Cool and Tough....
For the more girly ladies, you can go for the sweeter Baby-G. With added designs and colours of completely feminine appeal, while inherited the G-Shock "tough" image, Baby-G is continually offering surprising innovative functions and fashionable styling that appeal to active, free-spirited woman!

The current Baby-G ambassador is the sweet Taiwanese singer Liang Wen Ying.

So cute! The numbers seems to pop out!

OMG! The Leopard print Ke$ha Baby-G watch is so cool! I want I want!!!

There's always a Casio for everyone.....
Other than the G-Shock and Baby-G range, Casio also has the classic and more metallic range too. For people to wear to work, for a more classy look...

Timeless pieces that will forever be in fashion, easy to match and suitable for any occasion.

There's also a range for the younger crowd and the adventurous tougher person.

The SHEEN collection......
Beside Baby-G, Liang Wen Ying also carry an elegant, smart and shining collection called SHEEN. It's more dressy, with bling blings and metallic colours. Very suitable for night functions...

The NEW Baby-G ambassador is.......  
Yes!!! Casio is pleased to announce our new Baby-G ambassador - Girls' Generation!

Girls’ Generation is a highly versatile girl pop group whose members not only sing, but also appear as models and actresses on TV, in commercials, and in films.

Girls’ Generation is the ideal match for the Baby-G brand, with the group’s adaptable yet tough, active image and sporty, healthy beauty, topped by the individuality of each of the nine members’ fashionable lifestyles. Girls’ Generation will represent the face of the brand in eleven countries, including Singapore, China and Korea.

By appearing in product catalogs and advertisements, Girls’ Generation will promote the Baby-G worldview to young women, the brand’s target demographic.

Where to get a CASIO........
G-Factory Stores could be found in the following Locations:

ION Orchard #B3-47 Tel: 5509 8582
Isetan Scotts Level 3 Tel: 6733 1111
JCube #01-21 Tel: 6684 5287
Takashimaya Dept Store Level 1 Tel: 6738 1111
Tampines Mall #02-K1 Tel: 6789 0604Parco Bugis #01-11 Tel: 6883 2328Marina Bay Sands #B2-26A Tel: 6688 7744Vivocity #02-61 Tel: 6376 9905Nex #01-24 Tel: 6634 2707