PHILIP STEIN landed in Singapore

Hi Huneybees,

Being loved and named as one of Oprah Winfrey’s favourite things thrice (a feat unaccomplished by any other watch), PHILIP STEIN has risen to fame and within a short period of time, having men and women from around the world reporting better sleep, less tension and increased concentration.

List of Celebrities wearing Philip Stein
1. Madonna
2. Oprah Winfrey
3. Samuel L. Jackson
4. Cindy Taylor
5. Simone Heng
6. Nicholas Tse
7. Belinda Lee
8. Xiang Yun
9. Wang Lee Hom
10. Dr Ann Tan
11. Daniel Boey
12. Dollei Seah

Mr Will Stein chatting with his guests.
Launched by entrepreneur couple Will and Rina Stein in 2002, PHILIP STEIN, the established brand can now be purchased exclusively in Singapore at Millenia Walk (Unit Number #01-30) and Tangs VivoCity.

This very day, guests witnessed the grand opening of the flagship store, PHILIP STEIN at Millenia Walk with distinguished guests and definitely with the Founder and President of PHILIP STEIN - Mr. Will Stein. But before we get to that, let's take a look at the beautiful watches...

Bringing an innovative perspective to the world of luxury products, PHILIP STEIN has successfully conglomerated lifestyle, health and design into its watches. Unrivalled in appearance for its distinctive features such as a dual time zone and interchangeable straps, PHILIP STEIN is the first in history to incorporate frequency-based technology into a luxury watch brand to improve one’s well-being.

Not just known for their sleep inducing qualities, PHILIP STEIN watches have shown in clinical studies to help the wearer be more resistant to stress and an improved overall wellbeing. PHILIP STEIN is the “Feel Good Watch” because it makes you look and feel good.

Natural Frequency Technology
Through a proprietary process, natural frequencies are embedded in a thin metal disk, which, when placed inside the PHILIP STEIN watch, impart their unique “tuning” resonances to the wearer’s human biofield. Natural Frequency Technology in PHILIP STEIN watches is based on key frequencies beneficial to life and health. The prominent frequency is the frequency of the earth that is harmonious and grounding to life. It is the same frequency that a person is in during a relaxed and unstressed stage. When wearing the watch, the human energy field begins to interact with the frequencies of the PHILIP STEIN watch. The energy field of the person becomes bigger and stronger and as a result the person is more resistant to stress. Philip Stein customers have reported reduction in stress and jet lag, better overall well-being, increased powers of concentration and improved sleep quality.

“When you sit quietly or meditate, close your eyes and relax, your brainwaves are in a very calming state with frequencies between 8-12hz, also called the Alpha state. Embedding this and other beneficial frequencies inside the watch therefore acts directly on the human biofield, promoting relaxation and making the wearer more resilient and adaptable to stress.” --- Will Stein.

Wine Wands? What an interesting find for wine lovers like hubby and I. Will be bringing hubby down again to check it out...

Other than watches to ogle at, I even got to do a wonderful and relaxing hand massage, as well as to rub shoulders with some of the local celebrities...

Daniel Boey and Beatrice Chia Richmond.
Mr and Mrs Daniel Ong and Jamie Teo, who are proud owners of  Twelve Cupcakes.
Lovely Irene Ang of FLY Entertainment.
And the hunky Bobby Tonelli.
Okok.... Let's get the party started with models showcasing PHILIP STEIN watches and PANDORA Accessories.

Oh Mr. Will Stein!!!

What attentive audience...
After an introduction. let's get a group photo taken...

After the golden scissors grand opening, a lion dance performance to "bless" the store, it's officially opened to everyone!!!

Welcome to the PHILIP STEIN store in Singapore ~

I'm in love with the watches and it was great to meet the man behind the big brand. Guess now it's time for me to start saving for a watch too? Hehehehe....

More photos of the opening day can be seen here.