Wana know why McDonald's Ads always look so good?

Hi Huneybees,

McDonald's and their burgers have revolutionized the fast food culture and I must say it's been a big part of our lives. It's a worldwide brand and their advertisements always makes us drool.

Recently, McDonald’s took social media and the Web to great heights by creating a campaign and micro-site “Our Food. Your Questions.” that might be seen as brilliant by even the most skeptical. The answers are honest and straightforward.

This campaign is supported by dynamic video content in which people on the street are allowed to ask McDonald’s any question they want. You’d think this would be dangerous given the subject matter, but McDonald’s doesn’t shy away from the tough questions.
It incorporates social media to even greater extents by letting people follow users whose questions are in the queue. This way, you read the answer once it is delivered.

I've recently been researching on advertising videos and photography when I stumbled upon this video. Now I know the power of media and photography! Don't believe? Watch on...

Some of the questions are serious health issues, others about their business ethics, and some are just plain fun. I guess all brands should wake up and see how the top dog does it the right way. Honesty, transparency and simplicity make this a social media excursion that leaves billions of people happily served. Another clever media stunt and "I'm Lovin' It".