Now to reveal what was the Panasonic surprise...

Hi Huneybees,


Remember the previous blog post where I attended a party held by Panasonic? At the end of it, there was a little bag of Panasonic surprise that I didn't reveal. Well, it's time! Have you made a guess? The tag line is #GoTheDistance and yes, it's a Panasonic Mobile Backup Charger for Smartphones.

The charger is very compact, only the size of my palm! I could charge 90% of my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and it's really handy especially when the smartphones these days drain out the battery so fast! Sometimes I have to be out of home for the whole day and by half of the day, my battery drains out. With this little charger, I can even go clubbing into the night at peace!

So compact right?

In the package is the Mobile Charger, a USB Cable and an AC Adapter. You can choose to charge it with the conventional electrical wall plug or simply plug it into your computer with the USB Cable to charge it.


- Input: DC 5 V 500mA / 1 A
- Output: USB x 1 port DC 5 V Max. 1 A
- Size: approx. 39 x 70 x 22 mm (Main Unit)
- Weight: approx. 78 g (Main Unit)
- Battery Inside: Li-ion 3.7 V 2800 mAh

With the 3 colours LED light indicator, you will know when is it time to charge or when the charger is charging, etc. What I liked was the on/off button that you can press to control the battery charging. When you think it's enough, simply off it, save the energy and keep till a later time when you nee to charge you mobile phones again.

The charger can be found in most IT stores, but cuurrently, I do not have the pricing yet.
 I will update once I get it. :)