Hi dolls! Last week i got a beautifull gift from my cousin: A telephone dress ^_^ I've always wanted this dress & since i was searching it for a long time, it really made me happy. But it needed a little tailoring - it was a little big for me; so the tailor narrowed it for me :D
Also last year Katy Perry wore this dress; but hers was from Monschino.
Well, hope you like the combination :)
Oh btw, you can find this dress from Sheinside too but i guess it is sold..
Anyways, don't forget to comment ;)
Herkese merhaba! Geçen hafta kuzenimden harika bir hediye aldım. Üzerinde telefon kulubesi olan bir elbise!
Bu elbisenin bir benzerini Katy Perry de giymişti; ama onunki Moschino'ydu. Neyse, bu elbiseyi Sheinside da bulabilirsiniz ama malesef stoklarında kalmamış.. 
Yorumlarınızı bekliyorummm ;)

Dress: A boutique from Istanbul
Shoes & Sunglasses: H&M
Bag: Derimod
And here's Katy Perry! Who wore it better, me or her? lol :)
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