SingPost's Post-A-Card App

Hi Huneybees,

Don't you get so irritated when the only thing you receive in your mailboxes are just letters and letters of bills, asking you to say "Sayonara" to your money by the end of the month? Well, SingPost has cleverly launched a new app - Post-A-Card, that turns that photos you take with your mobile phones into postcards from anywhere in the world!

The Post-a-Card mobile application can be downloaded free of charge from iTunes App Store or Google Play. After the initial download, customers can access the postcard application anytime. It will cost S$1.90 per card if sent within Singapore, and S$2.50 if sent to anywhere else in the world. Customers can pay using credit cards, Pay Pal or prepaid credits.

At the media launch, the postcards were hung in very pretty hanging mobiles. Not only it is a joy to receive postcards, it's also a nice deco idea. The 4 inch x 6 inch high quality glossy postcard is printed and delivered by SingPost to the addressee either in Singapore or anywhere in the world.

Postcards, as distinct from letters, were first used in Austria from around 1869, to provide a cheap means for brief communications. The first postcards were just plain cards, with the address to be written on one side and the message on the other, and could only be issued by the Post Office with a pre-printed 'stamp'. In 1894, the British postal authorities amended their regulations to allow private postcards to be despatched at the same inexpensive rate. This paved the way to the widespread introduction of illustrated postcards, and subsequently, photo postcards.

With mobile devices gaining popularity in today’s fast changing world, SingPost’s latest mobile initiative, Post-a-Card, merges the old and new means of communication via the new mobile technology to create the personalised and warm touch. Post-a-Card, a new free mobile application on iPhone and Android, allows consumers to send picture-perfect postcards from and to anywhere in the world from their smartphones, while SingPost prints and delivers the cards right to your doorstep.

Dr Wolfgang Baier, CEO of SingPost introducing Post-A-Card to us.
I did an introduction video to explain how the app works...

How Post-a-Card Works
Using the Post-a-Card app is easy:
- First, download and install the free Post-a-Card app from the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play
- Then, take a photo using your mobile phone’s camera or select one from your photo gallery or Facebook album.
- Next, choose your postcard template, customise your message and add the delivery address.
- Finally, pay with your credit card, Pay Pal or prepaid credits.
- SingPost will then print your card and deliver it to your intended recipient in Singapore or overseas.

To encourage the public to reconnect with personal mail, SingPost is giving the first Post-A-
Card free (For a limited time only).

A couple of weeks ago, we attended the launch party by SingPost to thank their customers for their support.

Hehehe... hubby sneakily snapped a pic of me...
Pretty Jade Seah was the host for night. we played games, challenges and took photos as well. It was a super fun night!

OK. So here's a challenge everyone can take part in.

Post-a-Card Chain Contest
To engage customers, SingPost will kick off a Post-a-Card chain contest from 11 August to
5 October 2012.
Prizes will be given out for the following:
a) “Longest Chain of Sharing”
- First sender of the longest chain of sharing will walk away with S$1,000 cash
-  Ten lucky members of this longest chain of sharing will win S$50 cash each
- All members of this longest chain of sharing will receive one Post-a-Card credit
b) Top three Post-a-Card senders will each win S$300 cash.

To find out more about Post-a-Card, visit