True Blood Style | How to dress like SOPHIE ANNE

One of my favourite tv show is True Blood & there are some vampires who has amazing styles that really know how to dress at this show! At some tv shows, it's hard to see good styling but here at True Blood, most of the female & male vampires have amazing styles!
And today, i'll show you how to dress like Queen Sophie Anne. 
She has a flawless style and 1940's vibe. She is sophisticated, modern, sexy & feminine. She has a playfull but mean character at the same time. She loves vintage clothing & lots of jewellery. Her signature is red lipstick. She is always well dressed for the ambiance & never does wrong (have i told you that she is always impeccably dressed? :) 

But first; let's see what True Blood's costume designer Audrey Fisher said about the style of this tv show:
“I shop everywhere for our show, from Goodwill to Neiman Marcus,” Fisher said, ticking off Aldo, Bebe, Steve Madden, Pour La Victoire, Jeffrey Campbell, John Varvatos and Target as some of her favorite go-to brands.''
Now lets move on to her wardrobe essentials & steal her style & beauty tips :)
Sophie Ann is always dressed in vintage pieces. Her favourite color is black & she knows how to be glamorous with it!
She both has the touch of  40's & 50's style. You can use gloves to combine with black dresses too! It'll add a sophisticated look just like Sophie's & dont forget, it has to be black too!
Always combine your trench coats, dresses or skirts with belts!
You must use belts because it'll add a thinner silhouette & you'll look like a doll!
You can wear fur vests, coats or stoles but make sure they are not real!
Sophie Ann love wearing hats & hair accessories with tulles or feathers. For the hats, she prefer velvet ones.
Prefer one pieced swimsuits with retro styles & sombine them with cat eyed sunglasses & jewelleries.
One of her signature accessory is Cat eyed sunglasses! Make sure you have lots of colors & use them everywhere! This sunglasses will add you a feminine & sexy look. These sunglasses are iconic pieces that never get old; so combine these with vintage jewelleries like diamond earrings, necklaces or brooches.
Use golden details everywhere & combine them with some pearls! Combine gold with light & fresh colors like pastels or white.
Try to wear golden detailed bags or shoes too!
Use golden - pearl hair clips or brooches.
Put on lots of jewellery but balance it with white clothes.
Wear white suits, pants or anything you like. You'll have a goddess look with touch of sophistication.
Yes, Sophie Anne may be evil but there are no rules; she is flawless whatever she wears & besides black, white is her favourite color.
Prefer silky or light fabrics while wearing white. Combine it with golden & earth tones if you want to look more elegant. 
You have to look perfect; and to have a flawless look, use foundations & light powders; stay away from bronzers or sun!
Always use red lipsitck or darker colors.
Just like Sophie Anne, look sexy, vamp but elegant & sophisticated at the same time :)
And one last thing; your eyes complete this makeup; so make sure they have a perfect eyeliner. Create sexy cat eyes.
And for your hair; always use hair sprays & make sure it stays in shape. Dont forget; your hair must reflect the 40's & 50's. So be patient and try to use retro hairstyles; there are tutorials on internet on how to do this hair style. But make sure that you always show your earrings!
'Cuz 1940's & 1950's vintage hairstyles were all about elegance & sophistication. Here is a vintage hair tutorial with pics & video:
Hope you like this styling post, next week i'll continue with other characters of True Blood too. But if you want me to write about other celebrity or tv show characters styles, just drop me an email & let me know :)

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