Celebrating Singapore's Birthday, Huney'Z Style

Hi Huneybees,

Last week, the whole nation celebrated birthday for Singapore. On the eve, I hung out with friends and we had a hearty meal and chat. We didn't have to work or study the next day, so we very much stayed till late (Private photos... here are some...).

We played Taiko at the arcade.
And moi, bought the Fifty Shades Trilogy to read.... *winks*
The next day, first thing did was to wake up early and draw a flag on my hand. I've been drawing on my face for a couple of years already, so for this year, I drew the flag on  my hand.

Then you ask what's next? Being up so early, of course it's breakfast and a hearty shopping time after that. This very day, Etude House @ Wisma Atria opens and there was goodies to pick up. Check out my beauty blog for the shopping experience...

Afterwhich, it's the usual, going back to my parents' place to catch the flying-by helicopters bearing the Singapore Flag and of course fireworks!

There's always 2 sets, just in case something happens to the main one...
Every year, I was one of the few to see the helicopters fly by with the Singapore Flag, even before it reaches the Floating Platform. Cool right?
Ok, this is airplane display but I forget to bring my extra set of long lens, I could only "see the smoke trails".

 After the display, we quickly had our sumptuous dinner that Mummy Deareast prepared for my Cousin's Birthday. Private photos for that part, so I'm gona show ya the fireworks photos after dinner.

It's nice to see Singapore prosper and growing but sometimes it gets frustrating when the skyline is getting more and more piled up, my vision of the fireworks are getting more and more limited. Even comparing the photos from last year and this year, so much is hidden already. >.<|||

I love you Singapore! Happy Birthday to You! But please don't block my vision anymore can?