Party-ing with Panasonic

Hi Huneybees,

Last weekend was a blast! I was invited to a private Panasonic Asia Blogger Event #gothedistance. It was a hush-hush, keep in suspense event. We weren't given the low-down on what was happening and despite the heavy rain, Malcom, Jeremy, Me and my hubby still went for the event. Panasonic planned the night so well, we had so much fun, no one wanted to leave....

Come on! I've been a huge Panasonic fan, especially a Lumix user, how can I now go support support right? The event was held at K-Suites @ Orchard Parade Hotel. Imagine our awe when we saw the room. It's so big!

Other than a section for KTV.
There was even space for Wii, pool and buffet.
 The lovely Shu An (FLY Entertainment artiste & host of clicknetwork's Tried and Tested) was the host for the night.

Shu An getting to know us bloggers.

First challenge we had was to watch a few videos, pick one and write a creative ending for it. Reminds me of the days in script writing class. :)

I won 3rd prize for the Most Creative Ending and guess what! I won myself a BB!!

Joey (left) won second prize and Claire (Middle) won first prize. We won different phones each.

BTW, you can also win a prize for yourself! Watch these videos first....

The Usual-Spot

The Rendezvous

The Moment

The Cubicle

The Navigator

So here's how you can win... All you have to do is to head over to Panasonic Asia's Facebook page. Comment on the respective video posted on their page with your creative ending. Don't forget to tag @Christina Chung (Yes! Me! You have to add me as friend first though)!

And then back to that day, our 2nd challenge was Pictionary. I volunteered to draw and with my great guessing team mates, we won the challenge! Woohoo! I was on a strike that night!

With words like 'Diminishing', 'Coca-Cola at KFC', 'Lee Kuan Yew', it was nerve breaking and I bet a ton of brain juice was used up. ~(+o+)~

We won RWS vouchers. Just nice for my B'dae in September!
The night ended super fast and after a few photos with pretty pretty Shu An, we continued the KTV session till around 2am. It's been a while since I stayed out so late and I totally de-stressed that night!
  (=^O^= )

A shot with my trusty photographer and hubby...
Joey brought her favourite Rilakkuma out and guess what? It's a iPhone cover. We all had fun cam-whoring and just couldn't stop rubbing the soft soft fur...

Thank you Panasonic!!!
Psst, we all got this gadget from Panasonic, can you guess what it is? Stay tuned on 15th August for the reveal.... (^_-)-☆

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