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Flexible, Fresh Fashions

Meet with They are a team of celebrity stylists, including Kim Kardashian! Their goal is to help & make you LOOK and FEEL gorgeous by choosing quality shoes, handbags, jewelry, and more. Here is a beautifull post from Anya Sarre; the stylist of :

''If you are trying to find summer style on a budget, you have a lot of wonderful options! Costs are really reasonable and styles are very flexible, making it easy to coordinate your entire summer with just a small selection of pieces.  From earthy shoes to flowing dresses, this summer is all about feeling wonderful about your image.

Maximize Your Look with a Maxi Dress

The return of the maxi dress is really fun for women and by far one of my favorite looks this summer. Regardless of your preferences in style or color, the flowing look of a long dress is wonderful and beautiful. The modern concepts hint of the 60s, especially those that emphasize earthy colors and tie-dye design patterns. The simplicity of the dress design makes it appealing, and accessories are easy to coordinate.  Wear it as a sundress, or even add a boyfriend t-shirt for a more beachy look. The free-style look is reflective of the inner feeling of freedom that this style creates in a woman.

Find Fresh and Fun Footwear

There are a variety of women’s shoes tocoordinate this summer season! Sandals go through many changes over the years.  Earthy tones are perfect for creating a fun and simple summer look.  Cork wedge sandals dress your outfit up for an evening date.  Bamboo flip-flops dress it down for an afternoon at the park.  Either way, bold prints, floral pattered and studded embellishments are in style, so done be afraid to add one of these looks to your closet this summer!

Highlight with Natural Materials in Your Accessories

Handbags add to the fun feeling of summer.  Your handbag is an extension of yourself.  Some love a bright bag for the summer, while others prefer to keep the earthy theme going with natural colors and materials. Affordability makes many popular styles easy to own, so try out a few!  

Don't be scared of accessorizing. Wearing accessories is the key to a head to toe styled look! For a very trendy and fun expression that is your own, pair an outfit with scarves, hats, or jewelry.  Natural hues with bright highlights are really fun. Simply adding a wide brimmed straw hat and a pair of sunglasses will make a summer look complete.  

The fun of the season, especially with the vintage boho look, is that there aren’t any firm rules. There is such freedom to pick and choose, coordinating your pieces and accents on your own whims. It’s easy for any woman to feel confident and happy when the choices are so varied and the styles so flexible. You will turn heads and become the stunning summer fashionista that you are this summer!''

Anya Sarre