Eli T. performing on 4th Night of Men's Fashion Week

Hi Huneybees,

Singapore-born Eli T. discovered his passion for music from a young age. Pursuing his musical inclinations in the school's choir and symphony orchastra, Eli now counts playing the piano, flute and oboe and saxophone as just a few of his talents.

Returning home from further studies in Canada, Eli took up music producing earnestly and arranged tracks for the likes of Disney, Wong Lee Hom, Wilber Pan and Gorillaz. Many tracks went on to be chart-toppers - including the infamous smash hit 'Record Breaker' sung by Filipino pop princess, Sarah Geronimo.

Clothings by Depression.
Not stopping at that, Eli also went on to make his theatre debut in Dick Lee's production, Beauty Kings where his performance was given rave reviews. He also since released his debut album - Revolt to much acclaim and has made history by being the first Asian musician to be nominated in the 'Best Singer/Songwriter' and 'Best Solo Artist' categories in the All Indie Music Awards held in Hollywood.

Wonderful energetic performance!
Travelling around the region and performing in numerous music festivals, Eli has begun making waves in the local and international music scene; and is the face to watch out for in the underground electro-pop music circuit.

Yipee! I got a pic with Eli T. He's so friendly and humble