Loads of Celebrities @ PUMA FAAS BEATS Finale Showdown

Hi Huneybees,

My last post was a teaser of where I was and yes, it was the PUMA FAAS BEATS Finale Showdown @ Zouk. It was a night of fun filled games, giveaways and definitely a chance to be closer with the local celebrities. Some of them include - Elvin Ng, Romeo Tan, Oon Shu An, George Young, Bobby Tonelli, Adeline Lim, Rebecca Tan, Pat Mok, Sheila Sim, Pamelyn Chee, Ian Fang, etc.

Got my stamp, let's go party!

I was late and missed the fashion show, but you can find them at PUMA Singapore's Facebook Page. Here are some of them (Credits Puma Singapore)...

Hagen Troy and Silver Ang was spotted.

Catch yourself a shoe!

There's game to play too!

When I arrived, George Young and Shu An were playing games with the audience as well as on stage hosting a game of "Dress Your Favourite Celebrity" - Elvin Ng and Adeline Lim.

Love the shoes Shu An was wearing...

"What do you think?"
Thought they look good together?


"Sure this match?"
See, I said they look good together right?
 I also spotted a few celebs and took photos with them...

He's the model who did the walk as well as, the one spotted at Fashion X-treme Lingerie Show.

That's Leo on the right. Met him at the previous PUMA event and he's friends with my buddy,  Michelle Ang. One reason I was down at the event, was also to catch up with him...

Leo in his sponsored PUMA outfit and definitely his signature Superman pose.

And well, to end the night, I caught Rebecca Tan and her friends taking up the FAAS Beats Challenge. Change into a pair of latest PUMA FAAS Beats shoes and see who's running the fastest....


Thanks for the great night, PUMA!
More photos can be found on my Facebook album here.