H ZETT M is quirky and adorable!

Hi Huneybees,

Yesterday, we had the honours to hear the ingenious H ZETT M, Hiizumi Masayuki on the Japan Night of Men's Fashion Week.

 H ZETT M played his tunes and opened the show for Diet Butcher Slim Skin.

H ZETT M is a Japanese musician and composer who is currently also part of the jazz instrumental band PE'Z. His 2 solo albums - 5+2=11 and Pianohead were captivating showcases of his upcoming talent and won him much critical acclaim. His unique music arrangement style fuses jazz elements with electronic beats to create experimental piano pieces that are energetic and enthralling.

H ZETT M performed at the Fashion-tropolis during the break and his tunes were very captivating. His finger skills were amazingly fast!

H ZETT M autographing his albums.

His eclectic taste in music is also reflected in appearance with his Charlie Chaplin meets Tim Burton get-ups - he is often styled in a coat, bow tie. fedora and seen with a distinctive blue nose.