X'mas at ION Orchard

Hi Huneybees,

The other day I was shopping for presents and spotted this huge X'mas tree right outside ION, so I decided to cross over to "grab" more bling bling X'mas photos.

To my surprise, one could climb up this 10m high tree and get a bird's eye view of the area around ION.

Stepping into the tree.
Going up!

52 steps in total to climb up the tree.
Yipee! Got to the top! Check out the view...


Sob sob. 2 minutes passedso quickly. I had to go down for more to come up and enjoy like I did.

Playing with the camera and decorations on X'mas tree when I "landed".
I headed over ti the snow globes on the side and the one with trains running was the most amazing one.

The tree looks exceptionally beautiful at night. Well, guess I'll be seeing 'you' again next year...