How to dress like Serena Van Der Woodsen

Serena Van Der Woodsen, played by actress Blake Lively, is Gossip Girl's Style Icon. She is a blonde goddess & looks perfect and flawless whatever she wears. Even Serena doesnt have a signature style, she creates her own style! She has the style of Kate Moss; who is an English Top Model. Serena's style is more with modern pieces. She is stylish but has a touch of rocker chick, vintage, sometimes classic, always have a preppy touch and Boho. Her clothes reflect her luxurious lifestyle. But whatever she wears, it looks effortless & she is always unpredictable! Let's have a look at Serena's wardrobe essentials:
Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are Serena's wardrobe staple. She wears them both day & Night. If you have long and gorgeous legs like serena, just put a skinny jean on and sexy heels or booties.
Serena loves all kinds of blazers & jackets; especially colorfull and sparkly ones. She is seen wearing biker, long, cropped, leather studded, tuxedos, chick jackets. She almost wears blazers/jackets in every occasion; maybe this is her secret to look fabuous and shiny! You can wear with everything; a simple tank top or with a gorgeous dress. Choice is yours, just use your imagination!
Casual Dresses
If you have long legs and stunning body like her, than u are lucky cuz you can wear almost every type of dress! Serena usually wears skin tight and short dresses at daytime. She combines them with accessories, vests, belts and big bags. But these dresses she wear are not too feminine like Blair wear. She never looks so girly like Blair does. 
Cocktail Dresses
She wears maxi dresses to a cocktail. Her style is bohemian when it comes to dresses. She doesnt use so many prints and girly details. She usually combines these dresses with big, statement jewelleries.
Leggings & Pantihose
She uses legging or knee high socks not everyday but when she does, she rocks that outfit! She combines leggings with white tank tops and with vests, scarves or jackets.When she wears knee high socks, she combines it with mini shorts or skirts; but of course with blazers and big boho bags. She is never so girly like Blair, so to create the rocker chick/Kate moss style, she uses details like studs or leather jackets.
When it comes to skirts, Serena wears different styles. It can be printed, leather, sequin or classic. She wears long, maxi or short skirts everywhere! Combines them with usually tank tops or blouses. Also you must use vests! Any kind; it can be fur, leather or satin.
She loves wearing colorfull pants; mostly in bohemian style. 
Tank Tops, Vests & Blouses
These are Serena's wardrobe essentials. It is a must have. She rarely uses cardigans; but instead, she wears vests almost every day! If you want to llok like Serena, just be unpredictable. Wear a vest under a gorgeous mini dress!
Hat's, Coats & Scarves
Serena doesnt like girly stuff so much like Blair does; also she loves hats but it must be more masculin. The colors are not so colorfull, usually earthly colors. She combines them with any type of clothing.
Serena likes classic coats. The colors she uses are not rainbow colors like blair does. Serena is more mature when it comes to style. And she likes wearing more classic colors.
She loves using big, cozy scarves with coats. But if you going to use with vests, try use more stylish and thinner ones.
Yes, shorts are definetly made for Serena! Just like Kate Moss; she loves wearing them with boots, biker studded or leather jackets, vests or sequin print blazers. At cold weather, she wears socks in black or white colors.
Use Big Bags
Serena is always seen wearing big bags! Sometimes she uses small Chanel bags, but her signature is big, designer handbags. You can use in any color; but usually dark colors. When it comes to bags, there is no limit for how big the bag is!
It's hard to say anything about shoes. Cuz she wears any kind of shoes! Biker boots, knee high heels, stilettos stc.
Statement Jewellery
Yes! Big, shiny, diamond jewelleries are her signature! She never goes out without wearing any accessories. Mostly she uses statement jewellery like big earrings or necklaces.
Hair Style & Hair Accessories
Unlike Blair’s sophisticated tight curls and ponytails, Serena has messy wavy hair. She usually wears it down and natural without too much extra effort and even when she ties them up in ponytail, it’s more funky than elegant. She loves ponytails, braids or side braided hair.
Whatever Serena wears, she always have the look of a Goddess! She looks effortless & stunning! She has natural waves that shows the world she doesnt care about anything. One day she is a rock- biker chick, the other day a glam princess. But don't forget that she is never so girly like Blair! If you want to dress up like Serena, be sure that she is the opposite of Blair! Good luck. ;)