Supper - Macaroni

Hi Huneybees,

Eversince I've began blogging, I've been staying up late. Guess it's coz of the clashing schedule with work, so I could only blog at night. And when it gets darker (or rather brighter as dawn draws near), my tummy gets hungry and I would start scrimmaging for food. It's the little RAT in me... :)

So this very night, I found food that I had previously bought and decided to "throw" them altogether. Hehehehe. So let me introduce the "stars".

Macaroni, Canmpbell's Manhattan Clam Chowder, Thai Fish Sauce, Button Mushrooms and Silken Tofu.

First thing to do is to rinse the Macaroni a few times and then soak it in hot boiling water while you prepare the other food. It takes awhile to be soft and if you throw it in pot to boil, it will never be cooked.

So, I chopped up the mushrooms and tofu while setting a pot of water to boil.

The next step was really impromptu. I remembered I had this bottle of bamboo shoot in the fridge, so I took it out to "process". What happen is that I love the bamboo shoot slices but I hate the sauce it was soaked in, so I had to use hot water to rinse a few times to get the oil away.

Then, it's time to put the Macaroni in the hot water to cook it further. Pour a few drops of Thai Fish Sauce in for flavouring.

And while waiting for the Macaroni to be fully cooked, I prepared the soup base. Campbell's soup works best when you cook one can soup paste and one can water. That's when it's the tastiest!

Cover the soup to keep it warm and when the Macaroni is softened, put in the mushrooms and tofu to boil together.

When the water is fully bubbling, turn off the fire, pour away the water and serve them all with the Manhattan Clam Chowder soup base...

Yipee! Let's tuck in! I know it's too much for supper, but it works for lunch or dinner too!

Christina aka Huney