Raoul Fall/Winter 2011 Collection - Jet Setter Glam

Hi Huneybees,

I was recently invited by Jessie to attend the reveal of Raoul's Fall / Winter 2011 Collection called Jet Setter Glam at Paragon. It was held in collaboration with Harpers Bazaar magazine and we were in for some eye candy.... :)

We were served wonderful wine and finger food while waiting for all the guests to arrive. And then, there was a little introduction, before they invited the model out and explained briefly about their latest collection and how to mix and match them.

Raoul's line of clothings are always stylish, comfortable and elegant. This collection is also all about it, but there are certain clothings I find not so feasible for the weather here, but if you have plans to travel somewhere cold, you know where to get clothes to look stylish and keep warm!

When one thinks of Fall and Winter, they might just think of darker tone colours, but Raoul adds bright colours to their collection. Pieces that you might be able to pair with jeans or a spaghetti tank top in the Summer!

This false scarf look seems to be the subject of their new line. They made it into tops or dresses and I love them all. Gives the whole dressing a vintage feel.....

Models posed for group photo and we were free to roam around and check out more of the clothings.
I eyed on this bag. I'm still contemplating on getting it not.
What do you think?

Jessie had a bag that she was eyeing on too.

Love the detailing on the clothes and I picked out one that I liked. And the same, I'm still contemplating on whether to get it. It's silk, a little too 'mafan' to maintain.

I shall end this blog post with the pictures of the catalogue we were given. Drooling yet?

Christina aka Huney