Huney'Z Valentines' Day in 2012

Hi Huneybees,

Valentines' Day just passed us by and I'm still basking in the mood, even though I'm sick (cough, cough). Everyday is V'day for us, even though we are together for 7 years already, we never fail to take our eyes off each other, getting all lovey dovey, especially now with hubby's job and his frequent flying overseas, we treasure everyday dearly. V'day is the day, we make special plans to celebrate our love for each other. :)

So this very morning, I prepared breakfast for him and woke him up at 6am. I stayed up all night for fear I would not be able to wake on time! It was really impromptu, so I could only work with whatever ingredients I had in the kitchen.

Roti Prata.
And a dish of Chicken Franks topped with Scrambled Eggs with Tuna and Corn
Ok. Then I was super tired, I went to sleep (finally!) and woke up only at 4pm that day! Lucky I didn't get dark circles and eye bags when I woke!

All dressed up.
A closer look.
Love those lashes. 
I dressed up for the special day and hubby was surprised when he picked me up. Check out the smile! 
First stop. Dessert! 
 I got an invitation by Cornetto to try out their latest Enigma ice cream. Perfect timing right? The mascot love bear was there and there was angels to hand us the ice creams. Cornetto Enigma is creamy and definitely sweet, but what's special is the "heart" of it! Expect a burst of surprise when you get there! Express your love! <3


I even met darling Joey there! Ain't she adorable with her new haircut?!
Thanks for the bear Cornetto! *The bear has a hidden recycle bag!
Ok! Then to our dinner appointment. Every year we make it a point to head to my friend's restaurant, Bella Pizza to treat ourselves with good food and wine. You know how sometimes during V'day, the waiters tend to get stressed up and you get s*it service? Defintely not a thing at Bella Pizza! The staff are friendly and ever so ready to help you. That's why I'm forever supporting this Italian restaurant.

First up, Red Wine to get us in the mood....

Appetizer: Bruschetta.

Off to another appetizer: Buffalo Cheese with Tomatoes and Arugula.

Cutting up the cheese reveals milk and cheese. Yummy!

Our main course: Italian Sausage and Truffle Fettuccine with Parma Ham Pizza. 

 Super duper satiated. We took a little stroll along the Singapore River, and went home to exchange gifts...

I got hubby a little something intimate. He modeled a little for me, but for my eyes only. :)

And hubby got me a little surprise. Can you guess what it is? It says Sephora on the ribbon and my heart's beating super fast. Don't tell me it's....

Yes! It's the Tokidoki ADIOS 6 Piece Set! I've eyed so long and hubby noticed my "desire" for it. Thanks Dear! *Below's a little unwrapping video*

Close up on ADIOS with crystals...
The products. Check out the review here.
Thanks Dear for the present.
*Oops. Too overexposed!*
How was your Valentines' Day Huneybees? Share them with me? :)