Huney'Z Life on Mars

Hi Huneybees,

Ever wondered what's life gona be like if you got to landed in another planet, say Mars? I know it's famously known for being the Red Planet and here's a little description of Mars that I got from Wikipedia.

Mars is known for its reddish dusty surface which oftens forms lengthy dust storms. It has many meteor craters and the largest volcano - Olympus Mons, of all the rocky planets. The polar ice caps contain frozen water and frozen carbon dioxide, but has been a long time since any liquid flowed on the surface. Evidence of erosion and sediment indicate that it did exist, however, at some time in Mars' past.

From the looks of the paragraph above, I think I would have died less than a day landing on Mars! But now, we are actually talking about life on Mars from "John Carter". Other than magnificent rock formations, there would also be alien species!

Actually, the aliens don't really scare me, but I guess I will try to give them some Huney'Z Hugs and Kisses. "Make Love Not War" would be my motto. I could co-exist with them and probably teach them some fashion sense? Don't the guy below look hideous?!

Psst, I might even try to invent the podracers with the aliens in hope to film my own version of "Star Wars" too!:)

What about you? What would your idea of Life on Mars be like?
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