Interview with Pixie Lott

Hi Huneybees,

Yesterday, I blogged about Pixie Lott's packed schedule in Singapore last week and I'm very happy I got the chance to do a short interview with Pixie Lott through email, all thanks to Universal Music and the pretty Pixie Lott for taking time and making this happen...

1.    Why name your album Young Foolish Happy?  
I named this album after a song from when I was growing up by the Tams, "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy" - a good message to everyone.

2.    Which is your favourite song in the album?  
"We Just Go On"

3.    How did the collaboration with G.Dragon and T.O.P. come about? What was the most challenging obstacle that you have to overcome while working with them?  
I love K Pop and really wanted to collaborate with K Pop artists.  I liked Big Bang's music and so it was arranged for this to happen, there was no obstacles.

4.    Which artiste would you wish to work with? And why?  
I have collaborated with Stevie Wonder on "Young, Foolish, Happy" where he plays the harmonica on the middle 8 but would love to collaborate with him where he sings. :)

5.    You call your fans Crazy Cats and you wear cat ears, why the feline obsession?  
When I was young my mum called my sister, brother and I crazy cats as we was always running around everywhere.  Crazy cats just stuck and then all my friends started to use it!.

6.    You have an amazing figure! What's your secret - any exercise/diet regime to share - to maintain that body?  
I do try to eat healthy and drink water.

7.    Thank you Pixie Lott for you time, what’s your shout-out to you Crazy Cats out there?  
Hi to all my Singapore Crazy Cats, thank you for all your support and welcoming me into your beautiful country, Love Pixie XOXO