Hey fashionistas! 
Once again, i'm here with my newest fashion findings!
Today i'll introduce you the world of Sara Gallo Jewellery! They are all amazing! From pearls to stones & even Barbie shoes; this collection of jewelleries are going to take your breath away! Yes, all designs are unique & original.
And there is 'The Doll Series' collection; that you can see doll shoes necklaces, bracelets & earrings! Isn't it so original?
When i first see them, i thought i must have one of these.
Yesterday, my babies arrived and here is my box full of  gorgeous Sara Gallo Jewellery.

You can look like a fashionista by just wearing these amazing jewelleries!
You can look stunning with a simple outfit too! Just wear one of these accessories & you'll see how original you look!
These jewelleries are amazing statement jewelleries that'll transform you to a fashion diva! Well, at least you'll be wearing different accessory among all other girls and they'll all be amazed by your accessories! ;)
 Garden Party Doll Shoe Necklace
And here is me wearing lovely barbie doll shoe necklace & bracelet combined with Frenchonista in Amsterdam Clutch. To view more pics, click here.
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