Who's the pretty & Young Agent O in MIB 3?

Hi Huneybees,

Alice Eve as the young Agent O.

Men In Black 3 opened on our shores last Thursday and I did a movie review on it. Have you read it? Why not?

As you can see, other than the duo, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, there were also many celebrities to spot in the movie. One actress, however, who did capture my attention in this movie is Alice Eve. She played as the young Agent O and I kept telling my hubby, who is this gorgeous blonde?! She's simply too Barbie!

Emma Thompson as Agent O.

A video of Alice Eve's past sexy film scenes.

The London babe, Alice Eve first appeared in television dramas as well as two plays by Trevor Nunn and the play Rock 'n' Roll by Tom Stoppard. Then, she got her first film role in 
Starter for 10 (2006) with James McAvoy and followed that with the film Big Nothing (2006) alongside Simon Pegg. In 2006, she went to India to shoot the British miniseries Losing Gemma (TV). And in 2009, Alice was introduced to American audiences in the film Crossing Over. Her first high-profile role was in Sex and the City 2 (2010), where she played Charlotte York's Irish nannyIn 2011, Eve had a recurring guest role on the 8th season of the HBO series Entourage, playing Sophia, a journalist and love interest to Vincent Chase.

Alice Eve at the premiere of MIB 3 in London.

More hot photos of Alice Eve I found when I Google-d her.

Men In Black 3 opened in Singapore 24 May. 
Be sure to catch it in a cinema near you!

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