Hong Kong Trip (Day 2)

Hi Huneybees,

Day 2 of my Hong Kong trip was very much my little getaway dating time with hubby. We roamed the streets of Hong Kong, ate the food we've been craving for months and bought a little stuffs that can't be found in Singapore or at a cheaper price than Singapore.

We woke up pretty late that day. It was time for brunch by the time we left the hotel room because I was deciding what to wear and was camwhoring in front of the toilet mirror. It was round and there was light all round. RING LIGHT! I camwhored in front of it for 30 mins before hubby was screaming hungry already. LOL!

OK, enough of camwhore with "ring light". Take a pic with hubby and what I was wearing that day and off we go! COUTURE IS HERE!

We decided to go for the fish noodles, noodles made from fish meat as it was super delicious and only can be found in Hong Kong. None in Singapore, why why why?? This store is a must go, everytime I fly to Hong Kong.
First place we passed by was the HK central library. It's a stone throw away from our hotel.

A little into the HK life. On the right is their HDB building and below is to show how close every building androad is to each other. Land is super scarce in HK!

And when we got down from the Central Library. We spotted people queuing to buy brunch too! So we bought Siew Mai and guess what, the meat inside is made from fish meat instead of pork like what we have commonly in Singapore.

And I cannot resist buying Ji Dan Zai 鸡蛋仔. It's just flour batter made with a waffle looking machine that creates these bell looking bites. It's plain, no filling and taste like waffles, but I enjoy "plucking" them off one by one to eat...

And and and, I must have Gong Cha! When we got to Hennessy Road, I stopped hubby to buy Chocolate Milk Tea and he kept snapping pictures of this girl buying bubble tea. Don't know why so excited lor. There's Gong Cha in Singapore also what!

What's another snack one must have when in HK? EGG TARTS! This stall is a few steps away from Gong Cha, right after a overhead bridge. I always get my egg tarts there. Not the best, but the fun part is when you tell them you are buying for eating on the spot, the lady boss literally picks up one and drops in your hand piping hot! That's what I call eat it fresh!

And as we stayed in Tian Hou, and the restaurant is at Wan Chai. Going by MTR is about 2 stops, but we decided to take a stroll there, experience Hong Kong on the way. We walked and stopped at places which we find interesting and took photos, grabbed some snacks and finally reached the restaurant for a big bowl of fish noodles.

This shot was taken on my last visit. This is the restaurant that I say sells fish noodles. It's in Wan Chai and I say it's a must try!
Hubby had the fishball fish noodles. Note: Fishballs in HK is called Yu Dan 鱼蛋 not Yu Wan 鱼丸.
This is one is for the brave hearted who dare to eat the insides of beef. I had the mixed beef fish noodles.
This is how the fish noodles look like, it's like normal noodles, but very Q, very chewy, very un-flour taste...
We then added another side dish. The fried fish skin. You can find this in most HK cafes. I love eating it by itself, but the way to eat it is to dip the skins in the soup given and there will be this "Zi Zi" sound, like the fish skin is fried all over again. After dipping in the soup, the fried fish skin is softer and easier to eat...

See how happy my hubby was? Good food at a reasonable price! 3 dishes for just 79 HKD = 15.80SGD!

We shopped around a little at the electronics mall, along the streets of Wan Chai and Causeway Bay, bought quite abit of things and decided to take a breather at Milk Cafe for some steamed egg. You can have it cold or warm. There were many flavours, like almond, ginger, etc and on the menu are also other dishes like noodles, etc....

They have menu of all languages. We had 2 japanese girls sitting next to us and when they asked for Japanese menu, TA DA! Cool right? Tourist friendly, I like ~

Hubby's warm ginger steam egg.
My cold original flavour steam egg..

Mahjong is a big thing in HK. They have spare parts sold in a store by the street!

After dinner, we walked around Causeway Bay more and we spotted this little section that was showcasing some huge ass wine bottles installation and on closer look, it's actually Vivienne Tam's designs for the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Month. They were so cute and I couldn't resist dragging hubby to snap pictures for me...

Ice Lemon Tea.
XO Sauce Prawn Noodles.
That's the XO Sauce.
Hubby had Mushroom Sheng Mian.

When you see this round bridge, it means you are at Causeway Bay.

Some little things we saw on our way back to hotel.

Let me show you what I bought that day. There are some personal stuff, but the most happy thing was.... I bought a RING LIGHT! Camwhore alittle before I finish this post....

It's really easy to get around Hong Kong, if you are on budget, why not try this strolling way to experience Hong Kong? If you can speak the language, you can definitely get around super easy there (Fret not, if you understand English, it works too! Lots of signs have English translation)...