Hi Huneybees,

I've been super busy with arranging my photos "digitally". My hard disk was running out of space and I had to re-arrange my files. It's crazy looking at the amount of photos I take every year, every month. LOL!

So I dug out some photos from the Singapore Food Festival last month. I know, so slow right?! I must have stashed it so far back that I only managed to find today after the "packing" of my albums. I won't say much, just wana share the photos. The event's over, but it's already got my hungry this morning...

Parked our car and walking towards Clarke Quay, spotted this beautiful bridge.




The ice cream tasted heavenly! Wonder who knows if they have  a shop?


Have a nice day and it's tea time guys! Take a break! :P

Christina aka Huney