Food Tasting @ Eastern Restaurant

Hi Huneybees,

I had a wonderful time last week at the Eastern Restaurant for some Shanghai cuisine. All thanks to William Tan (The coordinator) and Dennis Toh from Flaunt PR & Communications for the invitation.

The restaurant is located at Centrepoint #01-57, at the further end where Bengawan Solo is, right next to the escalator. I remember dining there during the dating days with my hubby and this food tasting did bring back memories...

We sat in a booth like this.
But the restaurant also caters for bigger crowds.
We were served tea the moment we sat down. *Service points*

Yours truly, Francesca, Joanna, Carol, Kyoko and William. 
Ok, now it's time to introduce the food!
You guys might think that it's gona be a costly dinner, the fact that it's situated in the middle of Orchard, but boy, you are wrong. Prices start from $4 - $8 for Dim Sum and $8+ for House Dishes. Definitely a great place for everyone looking for quality food at affordable prices.

Check out the receipt! That many food for just $131.20!
Now, let me introduce the food! They taste amazing and if not for my image, I would have just licked the plates and bowls clean! The food's just as good as the service at the restaurant. Ok enough ranting, let's get on to the food.

This is a special dish that's not on the menu. Common Yam Rhizome, 白叶丝山药. It's a perfect dish for starters, I normally don't eat that, beacuse I tried that in China and it was bitter, but this one was refreshing and almost tasted sweet.
 For those not sure what Yam Rhizome is, below is the picture of it. It is commonly used to replenish the qi, strengthen the spleen, lungs and kidneys, reduce phlegm and urinal discharge problems.

This is not noodles. It's actually shredded beancurd. Slight spicy taste, super appetizing.
Chilled Crunchy Cucumber 爽口小青瓜.
This is no stranger to Shanghai cuisine. It's Wanton in Chilli Sauce, 红油抄手. It's my fav, not too spicy, a little sour vinegar taste and I swear I could have eaten 2 bowls of this.
Another fav, Spice Beef Shank 五香牛搌. Thin slices of the beef shank dipped in a little soya sauce, served cold, very good for appetizers.
Ok this is not carrot cake. It's their other way of preparing the Common Yam Rhizome 山药. It's  called Yao Zhu Shan Yao 瑶柱山药, the dry brown things on top are in fact dried scallops! Yummy!
This is their signature, even the logo has incorporated it's name, Xiao Long Bao 小笼包. For those who don't know, it's a soup dumpling, normally one would eat it with sliced ginger and vinegar, take a small bite and quickly drink the soup before biting into the succulent meat dumpling. *Caution: It's super hot,be careful when eating!*
Kyoko ordered this Shanghai pork rice, nice portion for just one, has a slight salty taste.
And it's served with a bowl of soup.
Francesca next to me had Spicy Beef Noodle in soup and I tried a little, QQ  La  Mian with a little spicy soup. Yum!
William's Zha Jiang Noodle 炸酱面. La Mian with sticky meat sauce and chunks of cucumbers.
Dennis's Dan Dan Noodle 担担面. A little spicy La Mian dish with a hint of sesame taste.
And I had the Shanghai Noodle Soup with Mixed Meat in Chilli Sauce 八宝辣酱面. La Mian with Pork Chunks, Mushrooms and Pig's Stomach. 
Fried Prawns with Sweet and Sour Sauce Dip.
This one was interesting. Shanghai Pan Fried Pork Bun 上海生煎包. Instead of the usual steamed buns, this one's pan fried, super tasty, eat it while it's hot!
Sorry, was too engrossed with food, forgot it's name. But it's peas with chilli.
Then, we had a little break, chit chatted and this chef caught our eyes! He was pulling the dough and making the bouncy, QQ La Mian that we had. He was pulling it longer and longer, making the noodles thinner and he learned that all in 1 year!

Cameras were all on him and he was so shy.

Here's a little video of the chef making the noodles.

Noodles boiled and all ready to be served.
Then, it was time for dessert. These are highly recommended and they are super sweet, just for the after meal happiness!

Red Bean Pancake 豆沙锅饼.
It's crispy on the outside and soft red bean paste oozes out when you bite on it.
This one's my favourite! It's called Flowing Custard Bun.
Here's a demo of how "flowing" it is
See how the filling flows out almost like a volcano erupting?! The filling is made up of custard  and salty egg. Has that mooncake feeling when I bit into it. It sells out fast, so order it fast!
And before we left, We snapped a group photo.On the left is Jefferey from Jia 88.3 FM, enjoyed the conversation we had we him. Very nice guy and frequent customer of the restaurant. And on the right is Dennis from Flaunt PR & Communications.
And before I go, let me share the promos Eastern Restaurant is currently running:

• Join Eastern Restaurant on Facebook: EasternRestaurant FB page and/or follow them on to enjoy additional 5% Discount.

• Combo Meal at only $6.90.
Savour the authentic taste of Zhajiang Mian and 2 piece of Chinese Dumplings cup of Chinese Tea at irresistible low price.
Available from 12-5pm (except weekends and public holidays).
Do remember to take advantage of the Combo Promotion of $6.90 and try out the food at The Eastern Restaurant.

Eastern Restaurant is located at 176 Orchard Road #01-57 Centrepoint Singapore 238843

Opening hours 

Mon-Sun: 11.00am-10.00pm

Do check out the restaurant and give the food a try. And don't forget to ask me along k? My stomach's already growling for more Xiao Long Bao-s.

Christina aka Huney