Social Media Week in Singapore

Hi Huneybees,

Social Media Week just passed us by and boy, was I busy all week, attending talks, mingling and making friends. Phew! Why can't they make it Social Media MONTH?! Any hoo, here are some photos of the party events I attended....

Tonight We W.E.D. meant Tonight We Wear Emerging Designers and what better why to express it by wearing one of Jen Su's design?!

And darling Issac was there to support this fashion event.

Met Issac's friend whose also a designer and his works were for us to wear and parade around for the night.

Lots of fashionistas were present that night looking their fashion best!

Here's a stop motion video of the works from the emerging designers.

Took a pic with some of the designers. Stay tuned to my blog for their individual lookbooks.

Fun with props and the cuties!

The next day, there was a #TweetJams party at Lucky 13 @ TripleOne Somerset. It was a mixer party and we were all entertained by Sixx the local band. We all got the chance to bring home our very own chosen designed silkscreen T-shirts and I got down to printing the last design myself! Who said Social Media Week is just all about talks?! There's fun after all that!

Lucky 13 is a cosy little pub. Definitely a place to go chillax after a whole day of stressful work.

The stage was set and SIXX performed while I got some drinks..

Some SIXX merchandises.

Hit + Run was the amazing company that allowed us to silkscreen a T-shirt.

The Silkscreen machine.

Setting the T-shirts to dry.

Here's me getting my T-shirt silkscreen-ed.

The guy behind some of the cool designs.

So here's the final product of my t-shirt.

Spaceman across my left shoulder.

Hit + Run logo on the right side.
And of course a SIXX logo on the back.

Finally, after all the talks about Social Media and mixing around, it was time to unwind, DETOX to get things out of our system and also to bid Social Media Week adieu. It was the Social Media Week's Detox Party at Avalon, Marina Bay Sands.

I met a couple of fellow bloggers at the event and I was so happy to be able to be part of this last event of the week.

Marina Bay never fails to entice me.
In Avalon, if you look down, you will find Pangea!
Left my mark on the 8-bit wall.
There was even nostalgic games to play!  *Jump, Jump COINS!*

Tidbits for us. It's really a clever idea, helped me to get conversations started!

Thank you Social Media Week! I've learned alot and made a lot of friends.
Can't wait for next year!