Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

Hi Huneybees,

On Monday, hubby and I celebrated our very 1st Wedding Anniversary. With Valentines' Day so close, and hubby just landing into Singapore that very morning. We simply just has a nice day together. I thought it would be a day of just great food and strolling, turned out to be pretty surprising!

I stayed over at my parents' place the night before and hubby surprised me with a bouquet of flowers of my favourite Sunflower at my doorstep!

I dolled up and off we went for lunch. *Noticed any difference? Yes! I chopped off my long long hair of 3 years! I feel so super duper light and refresh now!*

Lunch was at Sushi Tei and we tried some of the dishes that were promoted for that month. The only one I felt weird was the Fish Intestine Hotpot. I just can't get past the part - intestines?!

Well, I did say a day of surprises. Hubby pulled out a box, like where did he hide it?! (No wonder he's relative of Magicbabe Ning!) Hubby got me a set of heart shaped earrings and necklace from Swarovski. Yipee! I put the necklace on and we went on our little stroll (and shopping) at the mall, before heading over to Cathay @ Handy Road for the premiere of John Carter. (Review of movie here)

Check out the adorable vintage Mini right at the entrance!
After the movie, I literally dashed for Fullhouse at Rendezvous Hotel. I saw it when I was on my bus ride the other day and I knew I had to be there. Fullhouse is a popular cafe in Malaysia and I have visited the one behind KLCC and in Sunway Lagoon. It's kinda my must go place whenever I drop by Kuala Lumpur.

Downstairs is a cosy cafe and bar and I was a little disappointed it was that small. But no! They have a second level!

The second level was definitely what I was looking for! The deco is very much like the cafes in KL, cozy corners for group chats, study corner, or a little patio for the outdoor coffee while having a chat with friends. Did I mention the cafe sells clothes and accessories? Shopping queen just had to go check out the merchandises. 

Food was served and the service was amazing! We were recommended to some mouth watering food and the Custard Cream cake was definitely to die for!

Do check out Fullhouse when you are out with friends and family! The cozy cafe and tasty food would definitely make your day!

I'm so enjoying my married life! Thanks dear for making our first anniversary such a memorable one ~