Tiger Lunar Extravaganza 2012

Hi Huneybees,

Before Chinese New Year arrived, I had my first Lou Hei with Tiger Beer. Tiger Beer ushered in the Dragon Year by taking its celebrations to a higher level by hosting the Tiger Lunar Extravaganza at the Singapore Flyer.

The Tiger babes.
Also known as “Singapore’s Wheel of Fortune”, the Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest observation wheel. Attended by more than 300 invited guests, the Tiger Lunar Extravaganza embodied the concept of “beer”, “friends” and “fortune” as well as the spirit of 聚 (togetherness) through the evening’s proceedings.

A Ballooned God of Fortune greets us all at the Singapore Flyer.

A little Dragon and Lion Dance to officiate the event, before we proceed to the capsules.

Kissing "Tiger" Lions!

The festivities kicked off with guests participating in a traditional and symbolic “Lou Hei” (or prosperity toss) while riding in the Singapore Flyer. At the apex, 165 metres above sea-level, they tossed “yu-sheng”, a mixture of raw fish and shredded vegetable and toasted to good fortune with Tiger Beer.

Met Kui Jien at the registration table.
One of the Tiger Babes, Sharlene Tan was my poly mate. Talk about Togetherness!
Cheers to great beer!

With my friends. Ain't Tiger Beer all about "Togetherness"?
Getting ready to hop onto the capsule.
Table is nicely laid.
The view from above.

A little tidbits before Lou Hei.
The Lou Hei.

Huat ar!
“The Tiger Lunar Extravaganza is a modern interpretation of the traditions of celebrating the Chinese New Year which calls for spending quality time with family and friends. It represents the essence of “togetherness” which is reflected in our ushering of the new lunar year at new heights and with unique, yet meaningful activities organised for our guests and Tiger Beer fans. We at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore would like to wish everyone celebrating the festive season a wonderful lunar new year filled with good health, wealth and fortune“, said Michael Chin, General Manager, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.
Grand Master Phang.
Following the “Lou Hei” in the Singapore Flyer, guests in attendance took the chance to improve their “feng shui” with meaningful rituals to enhance their relationships with friends and family in the year of the Water Dragon, tying back to the theme of “togetherness”. The rituals were conceptualised by Tiger Beer in collaboration with geomancer Grand Master Phang of New Trend Lifestyle. 

One such ritual involved the casting of Mandarin oranges into a “Tiger Beer Five Fortune Pagoda” made up of Tiger Beer cans stacked to signify 五福临门 (Wu Fu Lin Men) or “Five Fortunes at the Door”. The five fortunes comprise longevity, wealth, health, kindness and benevolence. The “Tiger Beer Five Fortune Pagoda” can be replicated at home by Singaporeans with a 24-can pack of Tiger Beer to wish for the five types of fortune and good luck.

Best in everything in the Dragon Year!
Another ritual introduced at the event was the specially-created “Tiger Beer Dragon Wall” which involved guests slotting cans of Tiger Beer into a constructed wall to form the shape of a Water Dragon. It symbolised “the attraction of wealth from all directions by the Dragon on the Great Wall”.


Afterwhich, we were then treated to a sumptuous six-course dinner and festive entertainment at Seafood Paradise restaurant, overlooking the stunning backdrop of Marina Bay.

Windows as TV screen? Amazing idea!
How can we forget about the beer?

Food is served.
The boys dancing to YMCA.

Cheers to Tiger Beer for a wonderful night!