The End of 2011 (Vivocity)

Hi Huneybees,

I'm back from my little end year break. Hubby was on long leave from work and guess it was the best time to take breaks together. Really loved the time spent together...

This post might come in a little late. It was the last day of 2011 and thanks to Vivocity for the invitation to countdown with them and Mediacorp Channel 8 celebrities.

The celebrities sang, danced and the hosts (Li Teng, Pornsak & Xu Zhen Rong) were quick witted with their Q&A sessions with the celebs. It was a great way to countdown to the New Year! Shall leave you with the photos, enough of my blabbering.

Sexy hot dancing for intro.

First up, Juz B.

Guess who's coming up next? Shi Kang Jun!


The gorgeous Kuo Hui Wen did a beautiful number from her recent drama.


 The cast of A Song to Remember(星洲之夜).


Wu Jia Hui


Lai Yi Xuan who even played alongside Wang Lee Hom before, did a Vanessa Mae number for us.

Ever so sweet Tay Ke Wei.

Even Joanne Peh sang and performed!

Tay Ping Hui rolled in the deep. :)

Yipee! 2012 is here!

Happy New Year!

Long time no see Jonathan Leong sang his latest single for us in Mandarin!
Kim Ng sang and we got to catch the trailer of <<龙众舞>>.

Loved her shoes!

The event ended with Ngak performing the last song.
Thank you Vivocity and Mediacorp for the wonderful night!