Nackymade Trunk Show 2012

Hi Huneybees,

The first event I attended in 2012 was a Trunk Show for the specially designed frames by Nackymade. It was designed and made in Japan and I got the chance to take a peek at the beautiful frames.

The place's at 5 Jalan Kilang.
Attended the event with Jen and Issac, more bloggers to come...
The signature for the frames are that the sides that rest on the ears are crafted like dinosaurs and crocodile heads. I personally liked the dino ones more, thought the croc ones looked like spanners?

Stepping into the gallery and we were overwhelmed by the number of frames laid on the table.

The dino frame.
The croc frame.


These are the interesting ones. In between the plastic are African fabrics!

This was my favourite, but also the most ex one. It's the Dragon Frame and I guess it was made for the CNY?
One bad point for the ladies is that the scales tend to grab onto your bunned up hair though.

These were a collaboration with local designer, Kevin Seah. Yes, wedged in betweeen the frames were the fabrics of Kevin Seah himself.

These are some of the fabrics.
Then, Marco, Issac, Jen, Wesley and me each had our model moments to try on the frames to see which one suits us best and we each had our own favourite.

The frames are all so tempting and you know what? You can even customize the frames to your favourite colour and design (with additional costs)!

The artisan himself, Nacky-san.



A pic with Nacky-san.
Even the box for the frames is so quaint!
It's foldable for easy storage!
 On a side note, here's a look at Kevin Seah's works and collection.

With Kevin Seah himself.

 Kevin Seah had a little section of Vintage glasses. I can't resist trying some on. Maybe I should get a pair? Vintage is back in fashion...

Shoes by ed et al can be found here too.

We had a great "frame-y" time.

All thanks to these great designers.

To find out more about Nackymade, go to
To find out more about Kevin Seah, go to