Adidas All 24 Event

Hi Huneybees,

It's Saturday and I'm super excited about the event I'm attending tonight! It's the Adidas All 24! An epic event 24 hours celebration of style, street and dance at *Scape.

What's it about? PASSION! Whole 24 hours of passion (From 21st May 2011 8pm till 22 May 2011) ! I will be participating in the watch design event tonight. And alongside are the dance showcase, DJ Koflow and Beatboxer Dharni performance, celebrity basketball, etc. The full details are as follows:

Opening Event Details

all 24 countdown with dj koflow and beatboxer dharni
dance showcase by styles from beyond

3-on-3 basketball celebrity challenge starring paul foster, shan wee and adidas representatives
5-on-5 football celebrity challenge starring randall tan, kui jien, scott o'donell, rai and sebastian sim.
football showcase by rikki
graffiti showcase by clogtwo

So join Adidas from 21st May till 22nd May for 24 hours of all passion all in. They've got graffiti missions, football and basketball matches, free-skate, hip-hop lessons, and design showcases (which I will be participating in) lined up for the entire day.

So bring your decks and represent your passion. Adidas and me are all in. Are you?
Come on down tonight to have fun and at the same time give me your support ya? See ya!

Christina aka Huney